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Checking In

Hi guys!! I know I know! I haven’t been on in ages. Posting on my blog anyway.  But I have been taking calls on Niteflirt. Not as much as I used to but pretty regularly. As I have told many of you guys who I have talked to on Niteflirt, I am now Nurse Mallory!! Yay!! I graduated and am now working as an ER nurse and am on the midnight shift. I love it. It is very rewarding work and quite demanding. Some of you guys have asked me if I will no longer be taking calls on Niteflirt because of my new job. My response: “Hell yeah I will!”. LOL! ;-) I’m not going anywhere. I just love hanging out with you guys and having hot phone sex and just wonderful conversations in general so I make time for that. These days you can normally catch me on Niteflirt around 9am-1pm Eastern Time. I normally pop back in around 5 or 6pm until about 9pm before I prepare to leave for work. I work midnights Monday- Friday so my weekends are pretty open. And don’t forget you guys can always make an appointment with me by clicking the button over in the sidebar.

I also must give a special shout out to one of my most favorite guys to talk to on Niteflirt, Chris. Chris has been kicking my but to put an update on my blog. LOL! So here it is guys. Give Chris a round of applause! LOL! Anyhow, talk to you guys on Niteflirt. Give me a call right now and let’s have some hot phone sex. I love being able to come so many times with you guys before I go in to work. ;-) Talk soon!


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NEW!! Jack Off Instructions (JOI) Video!!!

You naughty boy you! You were jacking off in the back of my classroom and your sexy teacher Ms. Mallory has caught you red handed. Oh, but don’t you worry. You are going to be staying after class. After all, as your teacher my job is to be sure that you are the best that you can be at everything. Even jacking your hard horny cock. Ms. Mallory is going to show you the right way to do it step by step. Grab this video guys! I think it will prove to be lots and lots of ball draining fun. I just love role-playing!





Feeling Better!

I’m feeling much better since the scooter accident. My bruises are healing and the aches and pains have disappeared. I’m feeling great! I had a cold a couple of days ago but I think that may have just been a 24 hour bug or something because I felt horrible for a day then snapped right out of it by the next day. It’s been pretty cold and gray outside. I guess that’s the norm this time of year though. Honestly I kind of like these days. Me, the cat, Netflix, and Niteflirt. ;-) Since it’s October and Halloween is coming I’ve been in the mood to watch some horror flicks. I’ve been checking out the Saw movies. I’m on Saw IV (4) so far. Jeez that Jigsaw is one scary guy. Eeek! I’d hate to get on that dude’s bad side. You’ll wake up in one of his torture chambers having to play one of his crazy games in order to get out of there. From the looks of it, that does not happen too often. LOL! Anyhow, give me a call on Niteflirt guys. I’ll be on until pretty late tonight since I’ll be in for the day. How great! Some hot nasty phone sex in the midst of watching blood and guts on Netflix. LOL! Talk to you guys soon!


I’m swooning…

I had the most wonderful GFE call on Niteflirt last night. Well..last night into this morning. It was a new caller named Brad.  Brad and I connected so well. It was so enjoyable getting to know him. He called me at about 11pm last night and we spoke until around 4am. Yes! :-D He and I have so much in common. From the fact that we both love nature and the outdoors down to certain foods. And of course we are extremely sexually compatible. Mmmmm…he made me cum at least about 5 times last night and of course I made his cock explode too. I enjoyed every second of doing that. He also sent pics of his cock after I made him make a huge mess all over his blanket. lol! That was super delicious. Made me ready to cum for him all over again. But besides the cumming and the hot phone fucking we had a very wonderful and enjoyable conversation and it certainly put a big smile on my face to check my email today and see this:

:-) :-) Thank you Brad! You sure know how to treat a girl. I hope we will talk again really soon. You really made my night and my morning.

Also a special thank you and hug and kiss to you guys who messaged me on Niteflirt and emailed me to check on me after my scooter fall. How sweet of you guys. XOXOXO I’m much better. I wasn’t hurt too bad to begin with. just a few scrapes and sore muscles but I am better than ever now. Yay! :-)

Catching Up…Blame Final Exams. Not Me!! LOL!

Sooo it is Masturbation May and I have missed shouting out my favorite masturbation partners of the day. :-(  I have several of you guys who I wanted to mention here on my blog and of course shout out on Twitter. I should have done it days ago but final exams (Thank GOD it’s over!! LOL!!) consumed alot of my time. So here we go. I am going to mention your name and the date that I selected you as my masturbation partner of the day. :-)

Karl- 5/7/15: This was our first time talking but babbbbyyyy you blew my mind!Thanks for that study break. ;-)  I love how naughty with the right amount of nasty you are. I love your forbidden mind. Hope we talk again really soon! I’m gonna also go and check out some of you Literotica tonight and..I dunno…maybe end up masturbating again? LOL!

Alex- 5/11/15: My beloved Alex, not only are you my masturbation partner of the day you are a joy any day. You’re so sweet and so sensual. You always know just the right way to please my body. XOXO Always!

Jim- 5/13/15:  Oh Jim! My naughty nasty boy who knows just how to make my sweet hot little pussy squirt. Whether you are licking my hot little sweet cunt to perfection or ramming my tight sweet hole with your big hard cock you always do it for me. Mmmm hmmm!!!!

Chris- 5/20/15: Chris I just love our role plays that we have been doing lately and I hope that we get a chance to do more very soon. It’s always such a pleasure talking to you! ;-)

Steve- 5/23/15 (Today’s Favorite!! Yay!!!): Steve I am so glad I decided to log into Yahoo today. I had the HOTTEST time watching you stroke your thick delicious cock on cam. Mmmmm! You made me squirt all over my blanket but don’t you worry baby. I did that laundry with a smile on my face. ;-) LOL!

That was fun! Wanna be my next Favorite Masturbation Partner Of the Day? Well call me on Niteflirt and let’s make each other cum and cum and cum and maybe you will be. ;-) Later!

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It’s That Time Of Year Again!! Masturbation May!!!

Happy Masturbation May!!! Remember we celebrated this a couple of years ago? The year before last to be exact and I figured we certainly need to celebrate this again. After all, it is a national holiday. lol! It sure is.  Don’t believe me? Well read up on it right HERE .

May 7th is actually the day that it’s actually recognized but I say what the hell? Let’s celebrate for the entire month and have ourselves a little “Masturbate-A-Thon” LOL! I love fingering or toying my horny little pussy with you guys anyway but doing it to celebrate is even hotter, I’d say! :-D

So to celebrate masturbation May we’re going to having what I like to call a “Jack-A-Thon” on Niteflirt. LOL!  :-) I want to masturbate as much as possible and I want to do it with you guys. It’s just something so hot about masturbating my hot horny little snatch while listening to your horny naughty voices over the phone as we have hot phone sex together. Mmmmm!

For the entire month of May I am going to be doing the following:

  • Putting out something new and naughty every single week. It could be a new sexy set of pics, a hot video, mp3, or anything.
  • Sending you a guys a nice little surprise after each call of 10 minutes or more. NO way! I won’t tell you what it will be before then because then it would not be a surprise. ;-) It may be something like a hot picture (Don’t worry, it won’t be one that you may have already purchased on my site), a video, minutes, etc. Whatever it is, I am sure it will put a smile on your face. :-D
  • I’ll be randomly selecting a favorite “Masturbation Partner” of the day and shouting him out on my blog and twitter. Of course it will only be your screen name that you have set up on Niteflirt or your first name. I’ll be contacting you before I do so so you just let me know your preference. And if you would rather not be shouted out just let me know that too.

So how’s that for a masturbation month celebration? I don’t know about you guys but I am turned on and ready to play right now. Are you? Well bring that hard cock on baby and let’s get nasty. Talk to you guys on Niteflirt. ;-) Till then!

NEW MP3!! 2 Minute Quickie!!

I know I have said before that I can’t stand quickies. Well at least something along those lines. I mentioned that I can’t stand quickie boys on Niteflirt because then where do I get pleasure? Although I don’t mind an occasional quickie from some of my favorite guys on Niteflirt. Just not some random guy who wants to be rude about it. lol! But there’s nothing wrong with a hot quickie when you want to get off but don’t have lots of time. This MP3 is exactly what this is for. Maybe you’ve got to be at work soon and you don’t want to have to go a full work day with overly filled balls? Your wife will be home soon? You’ve got a date showing up in a few? Whatever the case may be where you may be needing a really hot explosive quick naughty fuck….this would be the perfect MP3 for you. Come on into the bedroom where I am on the bed nice and naked and waiting for you with my legs spread wide and fuck the shit out of me and give me that nice creamy hot jizz. No foreplay required this time. Just give me that cum as quick as you can baby. Super low price on this one too. ;-)



Happy Fall!! 50% Off Fall Special!!

Happy second day of fall guys! LOL! Yeah, yesterday was officially the first day of fall. This happens to be my very FAVORITE time of year. Honestly, I just feel in such great spirits during this time. Maybe it’s the beautiful colors of the changing leaves all around or the nice cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer time too but that hot humid weather gets a bit tiresome  after a while. I just love how it cools down in the fall. The air is just so cool and crisp and it just plain makes me happy. :-D <——See?? LOL!

Anyhow guys, since I’m sooo flippin happy I decided to make all of my picture sets and video’s half off for a while. My lines on Niteflirt will also be rolled back to $1 per minute. This all starts right now until October 6th!

GFE Phone Sex

Well what the heck does GFE stand for?? Did you say that when you read the title of this blog post? LOL! It’s ok. GFE stands for GirlFriend Experience. One of my favorite guys to talk to called me on Niteflirt last night (Hi baby! XOXO) and we were on the subject of my day and calls that I’d had before him and how they went. He then went on to ask me what was my favorite type of call? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like all kinds of phone sex calls on Niteflirt. It depends on the mood I’m in and it depends on the guy. I tend to prefer calls where the guy and myself can take our time with each other and unwind, break the ice, and just plain get to know each other first. I don’t really care for the wham bam thank you ma’am (or even fuck you ma’am. lol!) type of call. To be honest with you I’ve been known to go ahead and just call it quits on the phone with a guy who calls me huffing and puffing and yelling out commands on what he wants me to do. If I wanted to deal with that I’d probably just go back to my crappy job at Starbucks. At least then I’d get a free latte a day. But eh, that’s neither here nor there.

Anyhow, I told him that to be perfectly honest, I LOVE the relationship that we have on the phone together and I love everything about our calls. For the past 2 or so years that I’ve been talking to him on the phone, he and I have had sort of a boyfriend and girlfriend experience together. We talk regularly (Or at least as regularly as his schedule allows.), we email back and forth, we talk on IM, we share things with each other, he even spoils me. :-) He’s just really awesome and he thinks that I’m really awesome. Which that is 100% truth. :-) In addition to that of course, we have the most electrifying phone sex known to man. I mean seriously out of this world phone sex. His record of making me cum in one phone call is now at least well over 5 times. :-D.

My whole point, I guess, is to say that GFE is my favorite type of phone sex because I love the closeness and the realness of it. I love how we can connect together and enjoy eachother’s company and have electrifying phone sex as well. It’s so cool being able to relax and be open with you guys. To be able to talk to you and get to know you on a personal (or at least semi personal) level and also have wild wonderful untamed phone sex and cum and cum and cum together, That actually makes the orgasms more intense to me. I mean think about it guys, isn’t sex just always much better when you know the person and you have some type of personal feelings for that person?

Ok, I know this post is super long. lol! One last thing before I go though. :-D I also adore the feeling of being your “fantasy girl” so to say. I love the feeling of being the perfect girlfriend in your head. The girl who’s really hot, loves to listen to you, talk to you about anything and who you NEVER have to worry about nagging you to death (I hate nagging. Ewww!) . Also the girl that loves to fuck and have a hot naughty nasty time with you. ;-) I would love to do that with more and more of you. Would you like to make me your Girlfriend? :-)

$1 Phone Sex Weekend!

Hey guys! I know I know. I’ve totally been neglecting my blog. :-( I’d been trying to enjoy what little I had left of summer and a few other things too. ;-) Well summer is pretty much over and here we are. Back to the old hustle and bustle of going back to school and everything that comes along with that. I am back in the books to make a long story short. LOL! But well, all of this work is totally no fun at all with no play so I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for a little fun time. I’m in the mood for some really hot phone sex! I’ve decided to drop my prices down to $1 per minute this weekend on Niteflirt as a little treat for you guys since I have been so MIA for the last couple of weeks. :-) I am so ready for it all. Hot role play, Naughty fantasies, Nasty secret confessions. Bring it on! I am ready for a seriously orgasmic good time. Let’s have the hottest phone sex we’ve ever had!


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