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Checking In

Hi guys!! I know I know! I haven’t been on in ages. Posting on my blog anyway.  But I have been taking calls on Niteflirt. Not as much as I used to but pretty regularly. As I have told many of you guys who I have talked to on Niteflirt, I am now Nurse Mallory!! Yay!! I graduated and am now working as an ER nurse and am on the midnight shift. I love it. It is very rewarding work and quite demanding. Some of you guys have asked me if I will no longer be taking calls on Niteflirt because of my new job. My response: “Hell yeah I will!”. LOL! ;-) I’m not going anywhere. I just love hanging out with you guys and having hot phone sex and just wonderful conversations in general so I make time for that. These days you can normally catch me on Niteflirt around 9am-1pm Eastern Time. I normally pop back in around 5 or 6pm until about 9pm before I prepare to leave for work. I work midnights Monday- Friday so my weekends are pretty open. And don’t forget you guys can always make an appointment with me by clicking the button over in the sidebar.

I also must give a special shout out to one of my most favorite guys to talk to on Niteflirt, Chris. Chris has been kicking my but to put an update on my blog. LOL! So here it is guys. Give Chris a round of applause! LOL! Anyhow, talk to you guys on Niteflirt. Give me a call right now and let’s have some hot phone sex. I love being able to come so many times with you guys before I go in to work. ;-) Talk soon!


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Cum Clean This Weekend!

Yesss! Cum clean to me this weekend on Niteflirt. I won’t tell. I promise. ;-) Unless you want me to. What have you been up to? What kinds of naughty things have you been thinking up or fantasizing about? It’s time to confess so let’s have Confessions Weekend on Niteflirt! Lowered rates and HOT prizes! Also buy 1 get 1 Free on all Goodies on my site. Buy one and just let me know which other you would like of equal or lesser value. Can’t wait to play!


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Updates and Availability

Most of you know that I have graduated and am now working as a nurse. :-) Yay!! Finally! LOL! And a lot of you have wondered why I am not available as much as I used to be. Well, there you have it. I still have decent availability even though it’s not as much as it used to be. I work the night shift so I am not around on Niteflirt during most late night hours but you can find me on taking calls on Niteflirt during the late morning, afternoon, and some of the early evening hours. I totally didn’t want to disappear completely. I love my Niteflirt guys way to much for that. :-) I’ll put up another schedule soon also because the old one pretty much does not apply anymore due to my work schedule but you will find me around during the time slot I just mentioned above. And of course you can also make an appointment at any time by clicking the  ”Request Appointment” button over in the sidebar. I check my appointment requests daily so I respond pretty quickly. :-)

Introducing…..Role Play Wednesdays!!

Here’s something that’s gonna be UBER fun! :-) :-) I absolutely LOVE role playing and I know that most of you guys do too. We do a lot of role playing on Niteflirt. So how about we have Role Play Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we will have a role play of the day. I will post a recording starting off the role play and when you guys call me on Niteflirt we can finish the role play in our own little way. However we choose. So you will listen to the recording and you will be able to hear what the role play is because I will begin playing it out via recording and then when we talk you we will continue! How cool, right? So tomorrow is gonna be the very first day of Role Play Wednesday and I will post the recording on my blog and I will also be sending it to you guys who are on my mailing list via Niteflirt. I am so so excited I think we are gonna have so much hot fun with this. Can’t wait to cum like crazy with you guys. Talk soon!


I’m having a great day so far. I got up this morning, went out for my morning run, then ran to McDonalds. LOL! No I didn’t eat anything to put the calories back on, I just stopped in for a coffee. We had our first snow here in Michigan today. It was pretty cold out but I did dress nice and warm plus the coffee warmed me up rather well. I snapped a pic of our first snow while I was out. Isn’t it beautiful?


It’s still coming down out there right now so I think I am going to enjoy a relaxing day at home. So now since I am at home I began thinking how much I love hearing you dirty boys confessions. ;-) So how about it? Got anything to confess? Remember, I won’t tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me. Have you fantasized about something that you don’t want the average person to know? Or have you even done something that you don’t want to get out. Tell me. I do have  a confession myself. Well…remember the black guy James who I was seeing some time back? Well…..I have been enjoying his big thick black cock pretty much every day this week. Yes, you heard correctly. Everyday this week. LOL! I am trying so hard so to not become what I never wanted to. Although I don’t really think it’ll get that deep. (no pun intended. LOL!) But I don’t ever want to be one of those girls who go ape shit over having sex with black men. I mean, I guess the thing about it for me is that it is rather exotic. I mean, it’s so…..different to see this dark black dick going in and out of my pale white pussy. His whole persona is so exotic to me. He’s very aggressive in bed, which turns me on but can actually turn me off if he gets too carried away. He’s piped it down some since I have mentioned my feelings to him though. He’s really not the asshole that I thought he was before. And of course, you guessed it…he has a very very nice sized cock. :-) He fills me up perfectly and makes me cum so hard.

So there’s my confession. :-) At least one of them. I don’t want to tell everything here. I will save some for when we have phone sex on Niteflirt.  I want to hear your confession. C’mon, I know you’ve got one…or more. Even if you don’t have a big confession but you’re just super horny and want to have some fun. ;-) My rates will be down to $1.45 for this weekend while I listen to all of your confessions and all 15 minute and more calls will get a very sexy pic set. 30 minute and over calls will get a free custom-made 5 minute and under MP3 recording made just for you. :-) Coll huh? Can’t way to talk to you naughty boys!

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New Niteflirt Listing!!

I now have a new listing design on Niteflirt! It’s really awesome! Thank you to Hunnylicious Designs! I would love for you guys to go over and check it out. Give my new banner a click down below and be taken to check out my new listing. I would love for you guys to let me know what you think of it too.




NEW Pic Set!!!

I wanted to have this up and ready by Valentines day because this is what I actually took this set for. Unfortunately with me losing my site and all of my images for a while and having to get them all back I wasn’t able to get them up by then. But here they are in all of their glory. :-) Guys I want you to check these out because I got all dolled up. Just had a firey red rinse put into my locs and I was all made up and looking flawless in this one. I also had on the sexiest little teeny tiny G- String on and I looked sooooo fucking HOT!! My friend Josh had a great time taking these of me too and afterward I let him have a little sample. ;-) Well….a little sample and then the main course after teasing him like crazy. :-) :-) :-) ;-)  Check them out guys and let me know what you think!



Hola in 2015!!

Hey guys! I figured it would be good to stop in and let you guys know that even though I might not have been posting in my blog all that regularly I have been signed into Niteflirt taking calls on a consistent basis. Someone actually mentioned to me that he thought I wasn’t around on Niteflirt much because my blog wasn’t as up to date. Wellllll….nah that’s not the case! :-) I’m here.

Happy New Year by the way. :-) How’s your 2015 so far? Mine is starting off on the up and up. No complaints. I can’t say I have any actual New Year’s resolutions. Just my regular goals. I normally make goals for myself all throughout the year and I try to tackle them as I can. I figure that’s the best way, ya know? My weekend is going well too. Charlie took me to one of the most amazing restaurants he’s taken me to yet. I think the cheapest thing on the menu was the side salad. And even that was about $30. LOL! I have to say that the meal was well worth it. I would rate it 6 stars if I could. Everything was delicious. With a bill in the 3 figures it had better be! LOL! He was heading out on a business trip so we didn’t do all that much hanging out after dinner. Well…we did have ourselves a quickie before leaving to board his flight. That was alot of fun. Although, seeing that it was just a quickie I did get pretty horny later on that day. Well.. what can I say? I’m a total sex addict. LOL!

I signed into Niteflirt after coming home and enjoying a nice hot bath. A nice hot phone sex session can definitely help when those hormones are raging. It still is helping as we speak. You guys have no idea how much you help my hormones at times. LOL!


Do blondes have more fun?

I thought I would share this with you guys. I always wondered how I would look with blonde hair so I thought I would play around a little the next time Josh and I got together. :-) I dressed up for him last night and we had a little fun with me wearing a blonde wig.  How do I look?

LOL! I thought it was cool for the moment but personally I love my natural firey red locs. I think it really brings me out.  I think red heads have more fun. :-) what do you guys think??

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day guys! What’s the plans and what’s on the menu? I actually did my big labor day celebrating yesterday. Some years my family will do that. My dad likes to just sit back and relax on the actual labor day. lol! I had a great time yesterday. I drove down to my parents house and we had a great time grilling out back, enjoying yummy food and great times with my family. :-) If you guys saw me with my family you would never in a million years guess what it is that I do on Niteflirt. LOL! I hide it so well. Yay me! lol! So I guess this would qualify me as living a double life? Eh…maybe. :-)

So all I am doing today is just relaxing naked around my apartment all day. My roommate moved out a couple of weeks ago so I can do that now. lol! Maybe I’ll watch a few Netflix movies or maybe a little porn. It’s one of those gloomy and rainy days today so I think it will be perfect for that. You guys can come by and join me. I’ll be signed into Niteflirt all day so come keep me company.

My lines will be set down to just $1 a minute for the rest of the day. Happy Labor Day!

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