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Scooter Accident….ouch!

Ahhh…so I was having such a great weekend and then disaster struck. I hung out with my cousins and had a blast with them. One of my guy cousins has a couple of motor scooters. Super fast souped up motor scooters. He works on cars and motorcycles so of course he’s a master at putting super fast engines on stuff. lol! I’ve ridden on some of his scooters before and I am pretty good at it but this time I hit a hole in the road. Just a regular sized pot hole. Thank goodness I hadn’t taken off to a high speed before I hit the hole and all I did was fall off and get a few scrapes and some sore muscles. See?

So I’ve just been taking it easy the past few days. I’m not in great pain or anything like that anymore. I did go to class today and I have taken a couple of calls on Niteflirt since then. I guess talking to some of my favs on there has really helped out alot. I know the orgasms I had with Alex and Nathan alone certainly helped put a smile on my face and got me all ready to return to class today. :-)

Here’s a couple more pics I snapped today. I think I look rather hot for a girl who just flipped off of a motor scooter the other day. Do you think so?




I’ll be in for the rest of the day and I will be taking calls on Niteflirt. Some hot phone sex may even clear up the scars that I do have. LOL! Who knows. Talk to you guys soon!


Catching Up…Blame Final Exams. Not Me!! LOL!

Sooo it is Masturbation May and I have missed shouting out my favorite masturbation partners of the day. :-(  I have several of you guys who I wanted to mention here on my blog and of course shout out on Twitter. I should have done it days ago but final exams (Thank GOD it’s over!! LOL!!) consumed alot of my time. So here we go. I am going to mention your name and the date that I selected you as my masturbation partner of the day. :-)

Karl- 5/7/15: This was our first time talking but babbbbyyyy you blew my mind!Thanks for that study break. ;-)  I love how naughty with the right amount of nasty you are. I love your forbidden mind. Hope we talk again really soon! I’m gonna also go and check out some of you Literotica tonight and..I dunno…maybe end up masturbating again? LOL!

Alex- 5/11/15: My beloved Alex, not only are you my masturbation partner of the day you are a joy any day. You’re so sweet and so sensual. You always know just the right way to please my body. XOXO Always!

Jim- 5/13/15:  Oh Jim! My naughty nasty boy who knows just how to make my sweet hot little pussy squirt. Whether you are licking my hot little sweet cunt to perfection or ramming my tight sweet hole with your big hard cock you always do it for me. Mmmm hmmm!!!!

Chris- 5/20/15: Chris I just love our role plays that we have been doing lately and I hope that we get a chance to do more very soon. It’s always such a pleasure talking to you! ;-)

Steve- 5/23/15 (Today’s Favorite!! Yay!!!): Steve I am so glad I decided to log into Yahoo today. I had the HOTTEST time watching you stroke your thick delicious cock on cam. Mmmmm! You made me squirt all over my blanket but don’t you worry baby. I did that laundry with a smile on my face. ;-) LOL!

That was fun! Wanna be my next Favorite Masturbation Partner Of the Day? Well call me on Niteflirt and let’s make each other cum and cum and cum and maybe you will be. ;-) Later!

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Final Exams And Masturbation Partner of The Day (Late)

Thank goodness final exams are over soon! Jeez I’ve been studying my ass off. I think I’m gonna do really well. Keep your fingers crossed! You guys have been helping me though. Those study breaks help out alot. My how much more clear my mind flows after a good orgasm. LOL! So thank you.

Also as promised for Masturbation May I am shouting out my special masturbation partner of the day! Now I am a couple of days late as I was supposed to shout him out 2 days ago but please blame my studies for the final exams, ok? ;-) ANYhow my HOT masturbation partner of the day is someone who I ALWAYS have a super hot time with. MY masturbation partner is RON! I had the hottest time with you sneaking over while your wife is away to have a little rendezvous in you marital bed. Mmmmm yes! Let’s have many more hot extramarital affairs to cum! I’ll be shouting you out on Twitter too.

I should also have some pictures of some cute little kitties to share with you guys very soon as my cat is very close to delivery. Yipeee!! I’m gonna be a grandma! LOL! :-D


So Excited! and Happy Spring. :-)

Spring time is finally here in Michigan and I am feeling really good about it. It’s not as cold as it had been and the sun is so bright and shiny today. The temperature right now is 31 degrees. Yeah, I know that’s still on the cold side and I know that you guys who are so lucky to be over on the west coast or maybe down in the southern states are enjoying much warmer weather right now. But hey, it beats getting stuck in a blizzard with a windchill factor of -30. LOL! I signed into Niteflirt this morning and one of my favorite guys called me who happens to live in Florida. I must admit that I am totally jealous that he called me while wearing shorts out on his patio. LOL! Ohhh must be nice. But I am just thankful that I don’t have to wear a thick winter coat and scrape snow off of my car.

I know that you see “So Excited” in my title heading so I will get into that now. I am such a Taylor Swift fan and she is coming here in May for her 1989 tour. Well, she’ll be in Detroit so it will be about an hour or so drive from me but completely worth it. Charlie is just the sweetest. He preordered tickets for me and a friend to go and sit in the front row. Can you believe it??? I am going to be in the front row at Taylor Swift’s concert. Yayy!!! I’m so excited about that. :-D

Happy Saturday!

Today has been a really cool day so far for me. No complaints at all. :-) I was up bright and early this morning. I did my workout and got a call from Charlie inviting me out for breakfast. Charlie is just the sweetest guy. He’s always thinking of me. So I got all dolled up and went and met him for breakfast. I had the yummiest pancake and turkey bacon breakfast and then he gave me a beautiful gift! :-) He gave me the cutest diamond necklace and earring set. Check it out!

Cute huh? How thoughtful of him. He had an important business trip to attend so I’m pretty sure he’s on his flight by now. He normally does like to get together with me before he goes out of town. Of course we didn’t get to do anything naughty before he left but that just leaves us something to look forward to once he returns. ;-)

I’m also gonna be a grandmother soon! I wonder the look on your face when you read that. LOL!  But I am gonna be a grandmother to some kittens soon. Queenie (my cat) is preggers. I’ve been spoiling the crap out of her lately too. I got her a new fluffier bed, a new food bowl and water dish, and a cute personalized collar. I’ve been feeding her so good too. LOL Not that I didn’t feed her before of course, but her appetite has picked up. It’s just so freaking cute to watch her like this. I can’t wait to see those cute little fur babies. She’s so lazy these days too. LOL! This is literally her for 75% of the day:

LOL! But she’s just so cute. Even though I bought her her a new super soft bed she always like to cuddle up in bed near me. Pretty funny though because she always slept in her own bed before she was pregnant. I guess maybe it just feels better for her to snuggle at this point. Soon she’ll have her little babies to cuddle. :-)

One more thing that I am happy about today is that my designer just let me know that my new Niteflirt listing is almost done. :-) I’m sure it’s gonna look awesome! Talk to you guys later.



Hola in 2015!!

Hey guys! I figured it would be good to stop in and let you guys know that even though I might not have been posting in my blog all that regularly I have been signed into Niteflirt taking calls on a consistent basis. Someone actually mentioned to me that he thought I wasn’t around on Niteflirt much because my blog wasn’t as up to date. Wellllll….nah that’s not the case! :-) I’m here.

Happy New Year by the way. :-) How’s your 2015 so far? Mine is starting off on the up and up. No complaints. I can’t say I have any actual New Year’s resolutions. Just my regular goals. I normally make goals for myself all throughout the year and I try to tackle them as I can. I figure that’s the best way, ya know? My weekend is going well too. Charlie took me to one of the most amazing restaurants he’s taken me to yet. I think the cheapest thing on the menu was the side salad. And even that was about $30. LOL! I have to say that the meal was well worth it. I would rate it 6 stars if I could. Everything was delicious. With a bill in the 3 figures it had better be! LOL! He was heading out on a business trip so we didn’t do all that much hanging out after dinner. Well…we did have ourselves a quickie before leaving to board his flight. That was alot of fun. Although, seeing that it was just a quickie I did get pretty horny later on that day. Well.. what can I say? I’m a total sex addict. LOL!

I signed into Niteflirt after coming home and enjoying a nice hot bath. A nice hot phone sex session can definitely help when those hormones are raging. It still is helping as we speak. You guys have no idea how much you help my hormones at times. LOL!


New Pic Set! Fucking My Pussy With Dildo In Bathtub.


The other weekend I went away with Charlie on vacation. These are some really hot pics he snapped of me in the bathroom. I wasn’t posing alone though. ;-) I had a little toy there that made it extra special. This pic set has 17 pics of me enjoying my little dildo pal on the bathtub. Your cock is going to be sooo hard looking at me getting my sweet little pussy stuffed with this thing and me also fingering my sweet asshole and letting you see it nice and up close. ;-)






Do you need monogamy in your relationships?

I was talking to this really great guy on Niteflirt named Jim the other day. We had a really great conversation. We were talking about monogamy and how everyone does not necessarily need it. Both of us have had relationships like this before and I think it’s totally ok. The only time I don’t think it’s ok at all is if you are doing it behind a person’s back. That can really hurt someone if they’re feeling a certain way about you and then they find out you were sneaking around on them behind their backs. I’m seeing two guys right now regularly and I like the both of them and have a great time with them. They both know about each other too. One guy that I am seeing is an older guy named Charlie. I’m sure many of you guys who have talked to me or read my blog often heard me talk about him. He’s 44 years old so he’s very understanding of my need to experience men at this time in my life. We don’t get together as often as we would like because he is constantly traveling on business but when we do it’s great. We are highly sexual together and we have loads of fun too. The other guy that I am seeing is Josh. He’s much closer to my age. He’s 24 and a real hottie. We have a great time when we’re together and very very good sex. ;-)

Monogamy is not very important to me at this point. I’m have a really really good time experiencing men and experiencing sex. I mean, remember guys. I was the sheltered girl that lost her virginity a week shy of her twentieth birthday. LOL! I want to have my cake and eat it too at this point. Nothing at all wrong with monogamy but I prefer to have my options open at this point.

Oh yes, so far I have 2 winners of the video. It has been so much fun playing this game with you guys. Remember, even if you can’t answer all 5 questions correctly that you still get a special prize for playing so don’t be afraid. ;-)

I will be putting the video up for sale sometime next week or whenever I get 3 more winners. Whatever comes first. :-)

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and bustle. That’s basically what my last couple of days have been about. I just moved into a new place and have been getting settled in. I’ve also been trying my hardest to make sure that I keep up with my studies. Gotta be sure to maintain my flawless 4.0 G.P.A. :-) I’ve been having a lot of fun taking calls on Niteflirt during my little “break times” that I set for myself. You guys can be super creative at times. I love it! :-)

One of the things I love so much about phone sex calls on Niteflirt is the fact that I have learned alot and have been open to lots of different things. I talk to so many guys with so many different likes and fetishes. I love doing all of the different role plays that you guys like too. As I’ve said before, I lost my virginity only a few years ago. LOL! So taking calls on Niteflirt has definitely opened me up to different things and has taken my sex life for a spin. My older guy pal Charlie who I have lots of ummmm….rendezvous with just loves it. Many things that you guys tell me about over the phone, I usually try real time. A guy who I speak to often tells me all the time about a trick that his ex used to do while sucking his cock that used to drive him wild. She would take his cock all the way down her throat and then once she got him all the way down then she would stick out her tongue and lick his balls. It took me a few times to get this right but I tried it on Charlie and he LOVED it. It sent him through the roof. LOL! I ended up with a throat AND face full of cum. :-) Good and yummy treat for me though. I love the taste of cum and I love the way it feels trickling down my throat. I’m such a naughty girl. :-)

Anal Sex

How do you feel about anal sex? Do you like it? Have you tried it? I was talking to a guy the other night and this happened to come up in our conversation. He asked me if I’d ever done anal before and if I enjoyed it. I thought it was kinda cute because he asked had my “ass cherry” ever been popped. LOL! Well I did try it not too long ago. A few months back is when I started experimenting with it. My guy and I had such hot sexual experiences together and the sex was just phenomenal so we wanted to go a little further and try anal. I had been wanting to try it for a while anyway, but to be quite honest I was a little bit timid and hesitant because of horror stories I’d heard. You know, just the usual stories of how much it hurts and how some girls couldn’t take it and such. So I finally got over my fears and tried it.

The first time was admittedly not the most wonderful of experiences. LOL! It hurt like hell. I think it mainly had alot to do with the fact that I was nervous and was so tense.I got on all fours and I felt him starting to rub and kiss and lick my ass. That definitely felt good. I was sooo into that.Then I felt him squeeze a little lube on my asshole and put the head of his cock right there. I got a little bit nervous at that point and did start to tense up a bit. When he started sliding his head right there inside of me, that is when the pain started. I tried to take it but when he started thrusting and was almost halfway inside I said “No More!”. LOL! So yes, I had a bad first experience with anal.

The next time was  actually a different story. You probably would think that after that that I probably wouldn’t want to try but my guy wanted to and he was telling me how he could make sure that I liked it this time. So this time we took our time. What we did this time was actually what I would tell any girl to do. We had a few drinks so that loosened me up quite a bit anyway because when I have a little alcohol in me, the little nympho that lives inside of me comes out at that point anyway. LOL! We had the hottest naughtiest sex all over his house. I came so many times and was full of his cum. So then that’s when we tried again.

I got on all fours. He started licking and kissing my ass so good that I actually ended up cumming again right before he slid his cock up my ass. This time it actually felt great. I could feel his cock stretching my tight asshole open and pushing right inside but it didn’t hurt. A little pressure but it felt good. He kept sliding his cock in until he was actually balls deep inside of my ass. He fucked my ass until he came inside of it and I came too. :-) Great experience. Now I can’t get enough of it. So the drinks loosened me up a bit and the fact that he’d already made me cum a few times before helped loosen me up even more. I love anal now. How about you?

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