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Snowed In!!!

Guys I am snowed in! Literally! We have been hit with at least 12 inches of snow here in Michigan and I am stuck. My car is pretty much buried in it until Josh is able to come over and dig me out. I had to call off of work last night (Something I never do) because not only was my car buried in snow and ice but my battery died. :-( Oh well. But on a good note  I have been having a very good time between taking some very hot phone sex calls on Niteflirt and listening to some of my favorite Christmas songs. What are some of your favorites? Here are a few of mine….

My VERY fav….

Another one of my very favs. I don’t think she’s as well known as Mariah but she’s AWESOME! Not to mention super gorgeous:

And the CUTEST Christmas song on earth:

Do you guys like these?

I know I have really been enjoying sending you guys holiday gifts after our calls of 10 minutes or more. Always lots of fun to surprise you with something that you have no idea of what it may be until you click open that gift. ;-)

I hope to enjoy my snow day with you on Niteflirt!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

So here in Michigan we have finally gotten our first snow. I am excited! I was watching the weather and I saw how down in Georgia they were getting covered in snow and we were having what seemed like an extended fall. It’s like nature had our weather confused. Like Georgia had our weather and we had theirs.  LOL! But I got off work the next morning and it was snowing out and we had a tad little blanket of snow on the ground. It was so pretty so I decided to go home and lay down in bed and watch the beautiful snowfall until I fell off to sleep. I didn’t think it was going to stick even so I figured I’d enjoy it before it got warm out and melted. After all, this is Michigan and you know what they say. “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan then just wait a minute.”. LOL! Well, I woke up later on and it was still coming down and it seems to me that it’s probably not going anywhere. Not any time too soon anyway. So it is surely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Just look at this beautiful view I got while out having my morning walk this morning:

Such a pretty blanket of snow. :-) It has put me in the Christmas spirit so I want to do something nice and “Christmasy” with you guys. So for the rest of Christmas month (December), I am going to send you guys a present after every 10 minutes or more call. What will it be? Well does Santa tell you exactly what he is going to put under your tree before he does it?? No!! LOL! I won’t tell you what it will be but I can tell you that you can expect something after every 10 minute+ call that is sure to put a smile on your face. So after every 10 minute call that we enjoy together on Niteflirt expect a cute little wrapped gift that will look something like this:

Merry Christmas guys! Can’t wait to have lots and lots of fun with you on Niteflirt.Naughty phonesex is something that Santa won’t hold against you. In fact, you may even move higher up on the good list. ;-) lol! Talk soon!


Come Hang Out With Me!

Wanna come hang out with me? :-) Well I mentioned before that I am in the holiday spirit. :-)Some of you guys are so awesome. I talk to you guys and have the hottest phone sex ever on Niteflirt all of the time and many of you are even so sweet that you’ve been sending me all kinds of nice little prezzies and tributes. Most of you guys are so good to me that I want to give back to you during the holiday. I decided that I’d love to do something fun with you guys. It could be a way that we could just hang out and shoot the breeze or even break the ice and get to know eachother a little better if you happen to be someone whom I haven’t the pleasure of speaking to yetor haven’t spoken to that much. I will be on Yahoo IM on ***Saturday December 13th From 10:30pm to 12:30am Eastern. Come by and join me and let’s let our hair down. Let’s talk about anything. Tell me about yourself, your likes, your day, what you’re up to, whatever you like. Let’s just chit chat. Hey, even run a fantasy by me that you may want to talk about on Niteflirt one day if you’d like. ;-) I already have some of you added on yahoo IM right now but as you guys have known before: I usually only talk on there to arrange calls and discuss availability or whatnot. Well… and the occasional quick hey how’s it going. LOL! But this night will be different. We can chit chat and hang out on there during the hours I have posted. And of course there is no charge for this. Although if some of you sweeties want to send me something that’s nice but it’s not required. :-)

This isn’t an invitation for a hot nasty cybersex session though guys. LOL! Although if things heat up that way we can always move into a hot Niteflirt call. ;-)

Also please be pre-warned that I WILL be immediately be blocking any ass hats. So if you are in an asshole kind of mood or just an asshole overall don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ok! I can’t wait to hang out with you guys on Friday! We’re gonna have such a cool time!

Add me on Yahoo IM as You can also click my cool little Yahoo guy over on the right in my sidebar to send me messages. :-)


PS) I’ll also be sending something nice to you guys who hang out with me on Friday. :-)

*** Hangout was originally scheduled for Friday December 12th but was changed to Saturday December 13th. Thanks guys!



Early Christmas Gifts!!

Happy Holidays guys! I am totally in the Christmas spirit this year! Are you? I’ve put up my tree and I’ve decorated my apartment with poinsettia plants. I’m ready for Santa! The only thing missing is the snow. This is Michigan though so I’m sure that’s soon to follow. I may even be eating my words soon because I always get tired of it after the holidays. LOL! Jeez I’m having flash backs of last year’s polar vortex  winter already. Brrrrr… Anyhow, since I’m in the spirit I have 3 presents to give to you guys. You can open these gifts before Christmas but you can NOT tell Santa I gave you permission to do this since it will get me on his naughty list. ;-) Click on any present you want or click them all if you want to do that as well. I won’t tell. :-) They are only $2 each so have yourself a merry old time. :-) Each present is filled with something that will be quite joyful for your visual sense. ;-) Have fun and Merry Christmas!



New Niteflirt Listing!

Hi guys! Go by and check out my new holiday themed listing over on Nitelfirt. Super cute! I’m in the holiday spirit this year so why not spruce it up a bit for Christmas? I want you guys to go over and check it out and let me know what you think of it.  Special thanks to Hunnylicious Designs for this listing and for always keeping my stuff looking great. :-)–Ho-Ho-Ho-Make-It-Naughtily-Merry-With-Mallory-


PS) Due to popular demand ;-) video will be coming soon guys.


Day 9 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas

Today is day #9 guys. :-) On the 9th day of Christmas Mallory gives to you: 4 super hot pics of me masturbating and toying my sweet slippery little pussy with a nice big dildo…. How hot huh? You bet your buns. Make sure you unwrap your prezzie. I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday season. This is just really a cheerful time of year for me. I am soooo happy this time of year. :-) I sincerely wish that for all of you.


Mallory's 12 Days of Christmas
Oh! And special thanks to the 3 awesome guys who sent me a gift card for the holidays. I totally appreciate it! I’ll have a great time shopping with them! :-)

Day 10 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas and Countdown Explanation :-)

Happy Holidays guys! I’m in such a good mood today. The holiday really does that to me. Just a really cheerful time of year for me. :-) :-) :-)

I wanted to explain something to you guys because someone asked me today why I am counting down the 12 days of Christmas and not counting up. The carol goes: “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear Treeeeee. On the second day of Christmas…..etc….” :-) So he’s like, “Shouldn’t you be saying first the 1st day of Christmas, then the 2nd day of Christmas, etc…etc…?” Well that was actually a good question and I figured I would give an explanation because I bet alot of you were wondering that too. lol

That’s always been one of my favorite Christmas carols but it always felt to me like they should have counted it down. Because if you start 12 days away from Christmas that should be considered the 12th day then once you count down from there you will end up on Christmas which should be day 1 as in THE day. I dunno, maybe it’s just my brain only that thinks like that. LOL! But I just thought it would be alot of fun to do a countdown. So therefore I started at day 12 and we will end up on day 1 on Christmas which will be THE day. Yay! LOL! :-) Ok, I know. I’ve had way too many mocha’s. Speaking of mocha’s please stop by McDonald’s and treat yourself to one of their mocha’s. Those freakin things are like heaven in a cup! LOL! Anyhow enough of my rambling….

You guys totally have to unwrap your gift tonight because you’re gonna love it. It’s a really sexy MP3 starring me and good old St. Nick. In this MP3 he would qualify as being dirty old St Nick. LOL! Check it out guys!

Click on the gift to unwrap!

Day 11 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas

Well today is day 11. Did you unwrap your day 12 gift already. Well here’s the next one and I know you will love it. I have to admit that I agree with guys when they tell me how hot of a little tushy I have. lol! You be the judge. Here’s 5 pics of my luscious little ass and my sweet little pussy. Enjoy!

Click the gift!


12 Days of Christmas

Happy Holidays! Do you like the “12 Days of Christmas” Christmas carol? I do! :-) And do you know that today officially marks the day of being only 12 more days until Christmas? How exciting, right? :-)

I thought it would be cool to give you guys a little treat this year. This year we are going to celebrating the 12 days of Christmas and we’re gonna be doing it very sexy. ;-) Starting tomorrow 12/14/12, you guys who are already on my mailing list (If  you’re not already and want to be just let me know by messaging me) will receive something from me every single day until Christmas. It may be a set of sexy pics, an mp3, a story…..who knows? :-) But everyday will be a different surprise and no matter what it is it’s only $4 to unwrap your gift for that day. :-) I’ll also post the gift of the day here on my blog. Hopefully you guys will enjoy your daily gifts. Talk to you guys soon!

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