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A confession from yours truly…

So I told you guys that I had been up to some dirty deeds lately. :-) Time to let you in on it I think. I’ve been enjoying so many of you guys’ naughty stories and confessions so I think it’s only fair that I do a little confessing myself. So here goes: As most of you guys know I was not always the sexual prowess that I am today. ;-) I used to be the really innocent little good girl book worm and I stayed that way until I ventured out on my own. Well back in my days of being “Perfect Patty” there was a guy from my old neighborhood that all of the girls just went crazy over. He was a bit older than me and other girls my age but he was just that perfect rough around the edges bad boy that tickles most girls fancy. I mean the big musular arms, the tatoos, the motorcycle. You name it. He had it. He also pretty much had almost every girl that I knew. He was pretty much a chick magnet. lol! I had the biggest crush on him but I never acted on it. He even showed interest in me back then but I stayed away. I didn’t want to end up as another notch under his belt and my mom warned me of bad boys like that. She said that they would do nothing but get you into a world of trouble.

Anyhow, I happened to run into this guy recently. He’s still a bad boy. Still very good looking. We chatted for a bit and he bought me a couple of drinks. Before you know it I was confessing to him how big of a crush I had on him back then and how much I’d thought of him in years after. I also told him how my innocent days were over and and I cannot help but to wonder how it would have been if the thoughts I had about him were to actually happen. I know I know! The things we say when we get a little alcohol in our system. Well he ended up inviting me back to his place and yes you guessed it…we had a very hot and wild time. His has such a nice big cock . I just loved sucking it down my throat. Everything that I fantasized about him over the years turned out to be unbelieveabley true! The way he licked and sucked my cunt while I was also sucking his delicious cock in 69 was sooooo lovely. And the way he bent me over and plowed me from behind was great also. My goodness! It was a wonderful experience.
So I have a little surprise for you guys for this confessions week. He (with my permission) took just a little clip with his phone of him fucking me doggystyle. My pussy was dripping so creamy and wet on his cock as he slid in and out of me. You guys are gonna LOVE watching this. It’s 22 seconds long and very creamy and delicious. ;-) So check out my dirty deeds right now guys. ;-)



Confessions Weekend

How about some nice hot confessing this weekend guys? ;-) I love confessions weekend and I have really been wanting to do it lately. Partly because of doing the Mallory101 MP3 and reading and responding to all of the questions you guys sent me (Thank you!) and partly because some new things that I have been fantasizing about lately. Pretty much due to watching porn. LOL! But lets do it guys. Give me your naughty confessions and I will give you mine. I know you ave some. I know you’ve been thinking all types of naughty thoughts while you’re checking out all of the hot girls in their tiny skimpy clothes and their skimpy little bikinis while you’ve been out at the beach and at the pool this summer. Don’t keep it all bottle up inside. Call me and confess and lets cum like crazy while we talk about it. Fuck! I’m getting horny just thinking about all of the things that you guys will be telling me.

So this weekend my rates will be lowered to $1.50 on my line in the Anything Goes and the Women Home Alone Sex category on Niteflirt. After all 10 minute and over calls you’ll get a very sexy gift to remember our naughty time together (Could be a pic, mp3, video, etc.. who knows? It’s a surprise and I won’t ruin it. lol!). And also everything on my site will be Buy 1 Get 1 Free. So buy something and get something of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Just message me on Niteflirt or email me at with what you would like your free item to be after you purchase your first item and I will send it right over.  I want to hear all of your naughty confessions and of course your secret will be safe with me. In turn I hope to be able to share my naughty confessions and fantasies with you too and I hope that my secrets will be safe with you too. ;-)  So don’t hold back guys. Come on and share it all. I’m listening…


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My Confession…

Ok so since we are enjoying confessions week I think I should make my own little confession here. I’ve been enjoying you guys hot confessions and I have been enjoying telling you mine. There was something I did a few years ago that was really wild and crazy. In fact I think I only shared this with one of you guys so far because I’d honestly forgotten about this. I think it was the summer of 2012 or 2011 (I don’t really remember) I visited LA with some of my friends. So we had been drinking and partying and having a really good time and we were actually playing a game of truth or dare. :-) So I got dared to show my boobs in public. Well I took that dare to another level. Not only did I show my boobs in public but I actually showed even more of that. Blame it on the alcohol guys. LOL! I of course made sure there were no kids or anything that could have seen me but I literally bared it all. There were a few guys who saw me and they were very happy to see me to say the least. lol! It was really wild and crazy and I think that incident is more than worthy of a confession. So the friend who dared me to do this actually snapped a few pics of me doing this so I decided to share these with you guys since it is confessions week and all. So you guys prepare to laugh and be turned on at the same time, ok?




New Pic Set! Fucking My Pussy With Dildo In Bathtub.


The other weekend I went away with Charlie on vacation. These are some really hot pics he snapped of me in the bathroom. I wasn’t posing alone though. ;-) I had a little toy there that made it extra special. This pic set has 17 pics of me enjoying my little dildo pal on the bathtub. Your cock is going to be sooo hard looking at me getting my sweet little pussy stuffed with this thing and me also fingering my sweet asshole and letting you see it nice and up close. ;-)







Hey guys. Josh sent the pics that he snapped of me the other day on his patio and here they are. :-) It’s 8 pics of me stripping out of my little mini skirt and tank top. Josh always gets me to be sooo naughty. LOL! Enjoy!



My Antics With Josh

Today was day two of our little mini heat wave here in Michigan so I decided that I would throw on a little tank top and short skirt and go and hang out with Josh. He and I didn’t do anything that amusing today. At least not at first. ;-) Just went for a little walk in the park, grabbed a bite to eat, and went back to his place. If you guys know anything about Josh and my relationship you will know that he’s always getting me in all kinds of trouble. LOL! Not really bad detrimental trouble but eh, naughty trouble I guess. We’re just really playful and we like to make dares with each other alot. So we get back to his place and we’re just hanging out on his patio of his apartment having a little to drink. He’s totally flirting with me and getting all touchy feely (yeah I liked it) and so he makes a dare with me to lift my tank and flash him while we were out there. So of course I went for it and I lifted my top quickly and showed my tits. I didn’t have a bra on under my tank so that made it super easy. :-) I didn’t want to keep it up for too long because Josh’s apartment complex is like right on a busy street with a shopping complex directly across and being that it’s a nice day out today there were people walking around and shopping out there. Well of course that wasn’t enough for Josh. He kept daring me to take off my top and just sit out there with him with my tits out I kept declining and he kept making the dare. He knows that he can eventually wear me down if he’s persistent with his dares. Especially after I’d already had 3 pina coladas. So I took the dare and I was so loosened up after doing that and having the pina coladas that I even took the dare to another level and stripped out of all of my clothes. Next thing you know, he has his phone and I’m out on his patio naked posing for him. I know. Wild! LOL! Josh really brings out my wild side. That’s one of the things that I really enjoy about him. It was really fun. Gave me a huge rush. Especially since we almost got caught by three of his neighbors who were walking by. When I saw them I hurried and rushed inside. Needless to say he followed me. Even more needless to say that I did not end up putting my clothes on until later. ;-) No complaints there. :-) Maybe I’ll get Josh to send me the pics and I will share with you guys. Would you like that? We’ll see. :-)


HOT Ass August!!

It’s Hot ass August on Niteflirt guys! This is year #3 that a bunch of the gals on Niteflirt got together and made this a little “Niteflirt Holiday” if you will. lol! Ya know? Just for fun. :-) I didn’t participate in the years prior but I said “What the hey!?!” this year and decided to have some fun too. :-)
So for this year’s Hot Ass August I put together an “asstounding” set of 10 of my hottest photo’s featuring my gorgeous sexy firm ass. If you’re an ass man you have soooo got to treat yourself to this set. Check it out:

And special shout out to my little ass slave who I always tempt and taunt through Pay To View Mail. He just loves my sweet ass. I especially thought of you when I put this one together. LOL!

Allow Me To Make Myself CRYSTAL Clear…..

Alright guys. Hold on to your butts because this one is a bit of a rant.  Holding on to them? Ok. Let’s begin…………

I absolutely love taking calls on Niteflirt. I have met soooo many awesome guys on here but sadly I have ran into a few loser assholes too. I guess they come along with the territory. But is today loser asshole day or some crap??! SMH. It is 11:38am at this time. I got up pretty early this morning. About 6:30am. Since I wasn’t doing anything and have nowhere to go until later today I decided to sign into Niteflirt and take a few calls. Every single call that I have had from then until about 6 minutes ago which is pretty much the “straw that broke the camels back” and the main reason why I am making this rant post, has been an asshole loser. I got a call from a guy early at about 7am who was actually (and I say actually because I heard the actual sounds in the background) trying to mate with calves (baby cows). WTF??? I actually heard them mooing in the background. After sharing a few choice words with him I then hung up and blocked him and reported him to Niteflirt. I really would have loved to have reported him for animal abuse but of course I have no idea where he was. Then I get a few extremely rude idiots. One ass wipe actually had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t “obey” him and go along with his grotesque pedophile fantasy that he would report me to Niteflirt. LOL! How comical. No asshole! I will NOT sit on the phone and have a conversation with your sick weird ass about underage girls. And as an added going away gift after I have hung up on you and blocked you I will go ahead and report your ass to Niteflirt!

:-) Wheeewww. Felt great to get that off of my chest. Sometime you just have to rant a little. Of course I am still here and ready to speak to all of my fun, cool, hot, and sane guys. :-)  And hopefully this post has repelled any future idiots from contacting me. ;-)


HOT New Video!

Hi guys! I have something for you today that I know you are gonna love so get those naughty hands on your cock and get ready. lol ;-) I have a very HOT video for you that will make you blow massive loads back to back. Since I had that crazy cam incident that I told alot of you guys about that has sworn me completely off of cam for the rest of my life, I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peak at what I am normally doing when we’re talking on the phone. At least when we are taking our time to have a mutually satisfying good time like I have the pleasure of having with many of you guys who I love having hot phone sex with on Niteflirt so much. :-) I am undressing for you and spreading my nice creamy thighs and pleasuring my sweet wet pussy with one of my favorite dildo’s which happens to be the one that I use most often when we talk. ;-) This is a 7 minute 44 second video. Do your cock a favor and grab this video. It would be totally hot if you may even watch it while we’re on the phone. Check it out! Click the video to purchase!

OMG! I finally did it. :-D

You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. LOL! You’re probably wondering what in the hell it is that I finally did. Well there was one particular thing if you can recall me telling you (if we ever went there) while talking. Or you may have even read me talking about it on my blog. But…..I finally fooled around with a girl. It was sooo freaking hot.

If you can recall, a few months back I posted here on my blog about a friend of mine that just moved into a new place and how she and some of our other friends hooked up there and hung out at her pool. Well there was a pretty brunette girl (although she is now blond. lol) who I spoke of who came along with one of my friends. A girl who I had never met but was attracted to and she was attracted to me. Well we hooked up together a couple of times after that. She and I hung out once and I hung out with her and her boyfriend also. :-) lol. The night that we finally decided to go ahead and do some uh….exploring, her boyfriend was there with us. Which made it pretty convenient for him to snap a few pics of us that I was dying to share with you guys. This is like a total milestone for me since I have been craving this for the longest. Now it FINALLY happened. Makes me wonder what else is in store. I’m so excited to be becoming more experienced and seasoned. LOL! Anyhow check out these pics! I hope you guys enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoyed taking them. ;-)

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