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Cum Clean This Weekend!

Yesss! Cum clean to me this weekend on Niteflirt. I won’t tell. I promise. ;-) Unless you want me to. What have you been up to? What kinds of naughty things have you been thinking up or fantasizing about? It’s time to confess so let’s have Confessions Weekend on Niteflirt! Lowered rates and HOT prizes! Also buy 1 get 1 Free on all Goodies on my site. Buy one and just let me know which other you would like of equal or lesser value. Can’t wait to play!


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Updates and Availability

Most of you know that I have graduated and am now working as a nurse. :-) Yay!! Finally! LOL! And a lot of you have wondered why I am not available as much as I used to be. Well, there you have it. I still have decent availability even though it’s not as much as it used to be. I work the night shift so I am not around on Niteflirt during most late night hours but you can find me on taking calls on Niteflirt during the late morning, afternoon, and some of the early evening hours. I totally didn’t want to disappear completely. I love my Niteflirt guys way to much for that. :-) I’ll put up another schedule soon also because the old one pretty much does not apply anymore due to my work schedule but you will find me around during the time slot I just mentioned above. And of course you can also make an appointment at any time by clicking the  ”Request Appointment” button over in the sidebar. I check my appointment requests daily so I respond pretty quickly. :-)


I’m having a great day so far. I got up this morning, went out for my morning run, then ran to McDonalds. LOL! No I didn’t eat anything to put the calories back on, I just stopped in for a coffee. We had our first snow here in Michigan today. It was pretty cold out but I did dress nice and warm plus the coffee warmed me up rather well. I snapped a pic of our first snow while I was out. Isn’t it beautiful?


It’s still coming down out there right now so I think I am going to enjoy a relaxing day at home. So now since I am at home I began thinking how much I love hearing you dirty boys confessions. ;-) So how about it? Got anything to confess? Remember, I won’t tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me. Have you fantasized about something that you don’t want the average person to know? Or have you even done something that you don’t want to get out. Tell me. I do have  a confession myself. Well…remember the black guy James who I was seeing some time back? Well…..I have been enjoying his big thick black cock pretty much every day this week. Yes, you heard correctly. Everyday this week. LOL! I am trying so hard so to not become what I never wanted to. Although I don’t really think it’ll get that deep. (no pun intended. LOL!) But I don’t ever want to be one of those girls who go ape shit over having sex with black men. I mean, I guess the thing about it for me is that it is rather exotic. I mean, it’s so…..different to see this dark black dick going in and out of my pale white pussy. His whole persona is so exotic to me. He’s very aggressive in bed, which turns me on but can actually turn me off if he gets too carried away. He’s piped it down some since I have mentioned my feelings to him though. He’s really not the asshole that I thought he was before. And of course, you guessed it…he has a very very nice sized cock. :-) He fills me up perfectly and makes me cum so hard.

So there’s my confession. :-) At least one of them. I don’t want to tell everything here. I will save some for when we have phone sex on Niteflirt.  I want to hear your confession. C’mon, I know you’ve got one…or more. Even if you don’t have a big confession but you’re just super horny and want to have some fun. ;-) My rates will be down to $1.45 for this weekend while I listen to all of your confessions and all 15 minute and more calls will get a very sexy pic set. 30 minute and over calls will get a free custom-made 5 minute and under MP3 recording made just for you. :-) Coll huh? Can’t way to talk to you naughty boys!

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Confessions Week

I know I know. Where in the heck have I been, right? LOL! Well I have been pretty regularly taking calls on Niteflirt but I have been MIA for a while concerning blogging. Well I must tell you guys that since the last time I have blogged I have done a few things and have even fantasized about a few things that I normally would blog about right now but I have an even better idea. ;-) What might that be? Well I will tell you. ;-) It is nearing the end of the summer and I know that you guys have done and maybe fantasized about some really really naughty things. Maybe even some things that you want to keep secret. Some things that you may not even want those close to you to find out about. Well I want to be your outlet. I want to know about all of those things. If you have been talking to me on Niteflirt for any time in the past then you know how much it turns me on when you open up and tell me your most naughty desires and deeds.  So I am making this week “Confessions Week”. For all of this week my rates will be lowered to $1.50 on my line in the Anything Goes category and after all 10 minute and over calls you’ll get a very sexy gift to remember our naughty time together (Could be a pic, mp3, video, etc.. who knows? It’s a surprise and I won’t ruin it. lol!).  I want to hear all of your naughty confessions and of course your secret will be safe with me. In turn I hope to be able to share my naughty confessions with you too and I hope that my secrets will be safe with you too. So don’t hold back guys. Come on and share it all. I’m listening…

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NEW MP3!! 2 Minute Quickie!!

I know I have said before that I can’t stand quickies. Well at least something along those lines. I mentioned that I can’t stand quickie boys on Niteflirt because then where do I get pleasure? Although I don’t mind an occasional quickie from some of my favorite guys on Niteflirt. Just not some random guy who wants to be rude about it. lol! But there’s nothing wrong with a hot quickie when you want to get off but don’t have lots of time. This MP3 is exactly what this is for. Maybe you’ve got to be at work soon and you don’t want to have to go a full work day with overly filled balls? Your wife will be home soon? You’ve got a date showing up in a few? Whatever the case may be where you may be needing a really hot explosive quick naughty fuck….this would be the perfect MP3 for you. Come on into the bedroom where I am on the bed nice and naked and waiting for you with my legs spread wide and fuck the shit out of me and give me that nice creamy hot jizz. No foreplay required this time. Just give me that cum as quick as you can baby. Super low price on this one too. ;-)



So Excited! and Happy Spring. :-)

Spring time is finally here in Michigan and I am feeling really good about it. It’s not as cold as it had been and the sun is so bright and shiny today. The temperature right now is 31 degrees. Yeah, I know that’s still on the cold side and I know that you guys who are so lucky to be over on the west coast or maybe down in the southern states are enjoying much warmer weather right now. But hey, it beats getting stuck in a blizzard with a windchill factor of -30. LOL! I signed into Niteflirt this morning and one of my favorite guys called me who happens to live in Florida. I must admit that I am totally jealous that he called me while wearing shorts out on his patio. LOL! Ohhh must be nice. But I am just thankful that I don’t have to wear a thick winter coat and scrape snow off of my car.

I know that you see “So Excited” in my title heading so I will get into that now. I am such a Taylor Swift fan and she is coming here in May for her 1989 tour. Well, she’ll be in Detroit so it will be about an hour or so drive from me but completely worth it. Charlie is just the sweetest. He preordered tickets for me and a friend to go and sit in the front row. Can you believe it??? I am going to be in the front row at Taylor Swift’s concert. Yayy!!! I’m so excited about that. :-D


Yayyyy!!! I’m back up! Most of you guys knew that my site was down. Wellll…. after hours and hours of going back and forth about tech junk with my web developer…here I am. Back on the web once again. Thank you guys for being patient. And thank you guys for being so concerned. Those of you who were messaging me on Niteflirt to let me know that my site was down and pics were missing. Good to be back on the web. Did you miss me? :-)

I’m back in the cyberworld!

Okaaay…my site has been down for quite some time and so many of you guys have been messaging me on Niteflirt asking me about it. Well I had been pretty busy as I’ve been doing alot of traveling this summer and didn’t have alot of time for much else. But here I am back again. :-) Feels so warm and fuzzy inside to know that you guys missed me so. I came back to Niteflirt to a bunch of guys adding me to their favorites and even a few presents. You guys are simply the best! XOXO….

I’ve had the most awesome summer that I’ve had in the longest time. I’ve been camping in the mountains, to a few beaches, and even on the west coast. Road trips are the best! :-) I’m such a happy girl.

Now summer is coming to an end and I’m just chilling out for now as my favorite season begins. I’m ready to catch up with you guys on Niteflirt. Got any interesting stories to tell me?


So….did she??

Well did I??? LOL! Sorry I hadn’t blogged earlier guys. Been pretty busy. School is pretty hectic this year. Seems there’s a paper to write every time I take a breath. Sheesh!

Anyhow, I ran a poll the other week on whether or not I should try something that I have been thinking of doing for a while. That something was whether or not I should try sex with a black guy. Something I had been thinking of for the longest. I’d even been getting encouragement by alot of my friends and even guys in Niteflirt.

Well you guys voted and here are the results:

As you can see some of you were all for it, some of you were like “Hell no! (LOL!), and some of you just didn’t give a crap. :-D But the majority was all for it so I went ahead and scheduled a night out with a few of my girlfriends. These were the friends of mine who had been encouraging me to try black cock in the first place so I figured they would know exactly where to go. ;-) And they did. We ended up going to a hip hop club in Pontiac. It was a little scary at first but I warmed up after some time (And a drink or two). I was dressed really really sexy. A low-cut short black dress and a really hot pair of black knee-high 4 inch heel boots. My friends and I met a few black guys. They bought us a drink and I danced with one guy whose name was James. He was really good looking. About 6 ft 1 really muscular and just overall really hot. Of course he asked me to go home with him and I was happy to oblige. After all, this was the whole point of my night out. ;-) I’d had a few drinks before we left the club so I was already feeling pretty frisky to say the least. While he was driving I was kissing him and feeling the huge bulge that was in his pants and he was reaching under my dress touching my hot wet and very very horny pussy. When we got back to his place the heat REALLY turned up. I couldn’t believe how fast things had taken off overall. We were kissing and touching and was starting to undress at the door. Once I was down to my bran and panties he picked me up and carried me to his room and tossed me onto the bed. He told me to strip for him while he sat on a chair beside his bed so I did. I gave him a little strip tease out of the little bit of clothes that I was wearing and then a really sexy little dance. I guess he couldn’t take much of that so he grabbed me and put me over his shoulders and started feasting on my pussy. OMG! That was SUPER freaking HOT! His tonguing skills were pretty good. That combined with the fact that I was excited to actually be doing this was awesome. Before I knew it he was flipping me over upside down and he told me to suck his cock. Of course I obliged. So hanging upside down, here I was sucking a black cock for the first time ever and getting my pussy eaten at the same time. I had to open my mouth super wide because his cock was so fat. When I finally got it in my mouth I was gagging like crazy because I guess having my lips around really did something to him because he was getting pretty aggressive with the thrusting. He put me on the bed and spread my legs and he started putting that big black cock in my horny little pussy. Whew! Let’s say this happened this weekend and I am just getting over being very sore. LOL!

So how did I like it? I loved it. It was overall really really great sex. Would I do it again? Hell yes!! Am I a black cock zombie now never to return to fucking white guys again. NO!!!! LOL! I love fucking all kinds of guys but I can say the experience was great. James and I did exchange numbers so I may go back for another slice of double chocolate cake again very soon.

A few questions for you guys though. I was wondering, for those of you who voted. Why did you choose the answer that you did? Why did you say Yes or No. I think it’s obvious why you chose your answer if you chose that you didn’t care. LOL! So for those of you who answered yes or no, will you tell me why you chose that answer either by leaving a comment below or by calling me and telling me on Niteflirt? I’d love to know.

Allow Me To Make Myself CRYSTAL Clear…..

Alright guys. Hold on to your butts because this one is a bit of a rant.  Holding on to them? Ok. Let’s begin…………

I absolutely love taking calls on Niteflirt. I have met soooo many awesome guys on here but sadly I have ran into a few loser assholes too. I guess they come along with the territory. But is today loser asshole day or some crap??! SMH. It is 11:38am at this time. I got up pretty early this morning. About 6:30am. Since I wasn’t doing anything and have nowhere to go until later today I decided to sign into Niteflirt and take a few calls. Every single call that I have had from then until about 6 minutes ago which is pretty much the “straw that broke the camels back” and the main reason why I am making this rant post, has been an asshole loser. I got a call from a guy early at about 7am who was actually (and I say actually because I heard the actual sounds in the background) trying to mate with calves (baby cows). WTF??? I actually heard them mooing in the background. After sharing a few choice words with him I then hung up and blocked him and reported him to Niteflirt. I really would have loved to have reported him for animal abuse but of course I have no idea where he was. Then I get a few extremely rude idiots. One ass wipe actually had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t “obey” him and go along with his grotesque pedophile fantasy that he would report me to Niteflirt. LOL! How comical. No asshole! I will NOT sit on the phone and have a conversation with your sick weird ass about underage girls. And as an added going away gift after I have hung up on you and blocked you I will go ahead and report your ass to Niteflirt!

:-) Wheeewww. Felt great to get that off of my chest. Sometime you just have to rant a little. Of course I am still here and ready to speak to all of my fun, cool, hot, and sane guys. :-)  And hopefully this post has repelled any future idiots from contacting me. ;-)


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