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Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!. I know it’s the day after but I was not on Niteflirt much last night because I was out having Halloween fun with my friends. Just wait till you see my costume. It was soooo over the top. LOL !I mean it looked perfectly normal until I showed the full costume when I lifted my skirt. LOL! I was a tranny cheerleader. Yes I was in “full uniform” underneath my skirt. LOL!! Check it out. and sorry for the fuzzy quality. My friend’s camera phone sucks apparently.


LOL! Everyone died laughing when I lifted my skirt last night. It was hilarious. I had a blast. LOL!


So today is also my anniversary on Niteflirt. Yay!! See?

:-) So according to the date I have been on Niteflirt for 5 years today. Although I hadn’t really been active in taking calls for 5 years. More like 3 being on there regularly taking calls. I’ve really enjoyed it and I just may do another round on there too. Hmmm…would you guys like for me to stick around? ;-)

So anyhow, all of today, since it’s my anniversary I will be giving a sexy photo set (never before seen by you) for all calls 10 minutes and over and for all calls 20 minutes and over you guys will be getting the pic set and 3 free minutes toward your next call. :-) :-) :-) So I will be looking forward to speaking to you guys to celebrate my anniversary.

Oh yeah, let’s have a bit more fun for today only. How about a free 4 minute and under sexy mp3 clip for all of you who will share a pic of their Halloween costume with me? Just send them to me on Niteflirt or to my email ;-)

Talk to you guys soon!

Give me your spookiest impression!

Happy Halloween month guys! Let’s do something really fun. I love love love to know that you guys visit my blog and that you enjoy reading so let’s have some spooky fun. I’m only gonna mention this here on my blog so you’ll only know about it if you read. And if you are reading this now then congratulations because you’re in the know. Yayyy!  ;-) From now until October 31st at 11:59pm whoever calls me and gives me their best spookiest ghost or zombie impression will get 3 free minutes toward their next call and a hot picture set. LOL! How cool is that? I can’t wait to hear all of the impressions. I just love having fun and enjoying a good phone fuck all wrapped into one.  Now this does not apply if you are a rude wanker. So don’t call and try to whack off in 2 minutes, do a quick impression and hang up because you’ll be quite disappointed as I was. But all of my other hot sexy guys who love to have a fun and mutually nasty time, let’s do it! Can’t wait to hear those impressions! Talk soon guys!


Spring Has Sprung!

I don’t know about your part of the world but here in Michigan Old Man Winter just refused to part ways with us for the longest. LOL! As of late things have changed and the spring is springing in and the weather has been much better. Pretty weather always puts me in a happy mood. :-)

From now until the end of  May my picture sets will be Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  So if you purchase 2 picture sets you will receive a third one of equal or lesser value absolutely free. :-) All you have to do is just email me letting me know which set you would like for free after you have purchased your first two and I will send it right over to you. :-)

Also as many of you guys know, I make custom MP3 recordings. The recording can be on whatever it is that you would like it to be on. All custom MP3 recordings are going to be Buy One Get One Free from now until the end of May. So you can get one custom mp3 on whatever you would like and then you can get another custom mp3 on whatever you would like for absolutely free. How cool! If you haven’t yet experienced getting a custom MP3 from me yet now would be the time. I haven’t had any of my naughty guys go unsatisfied yet.

I hope you guys have been out enjoying this beautiful weather as I have been and I hope to talk to you guys soon on Niteflirt. I’m always in the mood to get naughty and I am certainly in searh of a naughty Spring Fling. ;-)

Cum By And Visit Me On Niteflirt. ;-)

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and bustle. That’s basically what my last couple of days have been about. I just moved into a new place and have been getting settled in. I’ve also been trying my hardest to make sure that I keep up with my studies. Gotta be sure to maintain my flawless 4.0 G.P.A. :-) I’ve been having a lot of fun taking calls on Niteflirt during my little “break times” that I set for myself. You guys can be super creative at times. I love it! :-)

One of the things I love so much about phone sex calls on Niteflirt is the fact that I have learned alot and have been open to lots of different things. I talk to so many guys with so many different likes and fetishes. I love doing all of the different role plays that you guys like too. As I’ve said before, I lost my virginity only a few years ago. LOL! So taking calls on Niteflirt has definitely opened me up to different things and has taken my sex life for a spin. My older guy pal Charlie who I have lots of ummmm….rendezvous with just loves it. Many things that you guys tell me about over the phone, I usually try real time. A guy who I speak to often tells me all the time about a trick that his ex used to do while sucking his cock that used to drive him wild. She would take his cock all the way down her throat and then once she got him all the way down then she would stick out her tongue and lick his balls. It took me a few times to get this right but I tried it on Charlie and he LOVED it. It sent him through the roof. LOL! I ended up with a throat AND face full of cum. :-) Good and yummy treat for me though. I love the taste of cum and I love the way it feels trickling down my throat. I’m such a naughty girl. :-)

$1 Per Minute Extended

Hey guys! Of course you’ve already noticed that I am still set at just $1 per minute on Niteflirt. :-) Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be staying at that price for just a few more days. From now through the weekend I am staying at $1 per minute on Niteflirt. I will be back at my normal rate of $1.69 per minute on Monday so take advantage of the cheaper price while you can guys. How much better can it get? Phenomenal phone sex with a HOT redhead for only $1 per minute. ;-) Talk to you guys soon!

New Pic Set! Wet and Horny in the Bathtub.

There is a certain picture on my Niteflirt listing that many of you guys have been asking me about. A picture of me in a wet white t-shirt sitting in my bathtub. I admit that one is pretty uh…alluring to say the least. :-) So I took the liberty to gather up all of the pictures that I took on that particular day in the bathtub into a set for you guys. :-) This set is actually divided into 2 parts. Set #1 starts off with me in that wet t-shirt that you guys love so much ;-) . Then it ends up with me stripping out of it and showing off my hot dripping body. I am quite sure you will enjoy that. :-) Set #2 is actually a tad bit more provocative than set #1. It’s more provocative because in this one there are alot of zoomed in pics that bring you pretty up close and personal with my dripping wet pussy and ass. And of course the poses. Both of them are great but Set #2 is a little bit more uh….X Rated if you will. Which I am quite sure most of you guys don’t mind. I am sure that if you did you probably would not be on my site right now anyway huh? LOL! Right. But anywho I know you guys are gonna love these sets like crazy. Pretty much like I have been LOVING my night so far. It’s been so much fun catching up with alot of you guys. I have cum like sooooo many times. And surprisingly I still have room for more. No complaints here since I had been a bit Missing In Action for the past couple of weeks. I’ve missed you guys and all of the fun that we always have. :-*

SET #1

Buy Now

SET #2

Buy Now

Anywho, let me know how you like these pics. I always enjoy knowing your feedback on stuff. To be honest it gets me pretty turned on to know that you enjoyed yourselves. That an imagining how you were stroking your cock to me. :-) What a thought!

$1 Phone Sex Weekend!

Hey guys! I know I know. I’ve totally been neglecting my blog. :-( I’d been trying to enjoy what little I had left of summer and a few other things too. ;-) Well summer is pretty much over and here we are. Back to the old hustle and bustle of going back to school and everything that comes along with that. I am back in the books to make a long story short. LOL! But well, all of this work is totally no fun at all with no play so I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for a little fun time. I’m in the mood for some really hot phone sex! I’ve decided to drop my prices down to $1 per minute this weekend on Niteflirt as a little treat for you guys since I have been so MIA for the last couple of weeks. :-) I am so ready for it all. Hot role play, Naughty fantasies, Nasty secret confessions. Bring it on! I am ready for a seriously orgasmic good time. Let’s have the hottest phone sex we’ve ever had!


Ext# 9485267

Anal Sex

How do you feel about anal sex? Do you like it? Have you tried it? I was talking to a guy the other night and this happened to come up in our conversation. He asked me if I’d ever done anal before and if I enjoyed it. I thought it was kinda cute because he asked had my “ass cherry” ever been popped. LOL! Well I did try it not too long ago. A few months back is when I started experimenting with it. My guy and I had such hot sexual experiences together and the sex was just phenomenal so we wanted to go a little further and try anal. I had been wanting to try it for a while anyway, but to be quite honest I was a little bit timid and hesitant because of horror stories I’d heard. You know, just the usual stories of how much it hurts and how some girls couldn’t take it and such. So I finally got over my fears and tried it.

The first time was admittedly not the most wonderful of experiences. LOL! It hurt like hell. I think it mainly had alot to do with the fact that I was nervous and was so tense.I got on all fours and I felt him starting to rub and kiss and lick my ass. That definitely felt good. I was sooo into that.Then I felt him squeeze a little lube on my asshole and put the head of his cock right there. I got a little bit nervous at that point and did start to tense up a bit. When he started sliding his head right there inside of me, that is when the pain started. I tried to take it but when he started thrusting and was almost halfway inside I said “No More!”. LOL! So yes, I had a bad first experience with anal.

The next time was  actually a different story. You probably would think that after that that I probably wouldn’t want to try but my guy wanted to and he was telling me how he could make sure that I liked it this time. So this time we took our time. What we did this time was actually what I would tell any girl to do. We had a few drinks so that loosened me up quite a bit anyway because when I have a little alcohol in me, the little nympho that lives inside of me comes out at that point anyway. LOL! We had the hottest naughtiest sex all over his house. I came so many times and was full of his cum. So then that’s when we tried again.

I got on all fours. He started licking and kissing my ass so good that I actually ended up cumming again right before he slid his cock up my ass. This time it actually felt great. I could feel his cock stretching my tight asshole open and pushing right inside but it didn’t hurt. A little pressure but it felt good. He kept sliding his cock in until he was actually balls deep inside of my ass. He fucked my ass until he came inside of it and I came too. :-) Great experience. Now I can’t get enough of it. So the drinks loosened me up a bit and the fact that he’d already made me cum a few times before helped loosen me up even more. I love anal now. How about you?

Fun At the Pool….:-)

I have not yet mentioned Charlie here on my blog but I guess I will today. :-) Charlie is an older guy that I have been seeing. He’s 43 years old and he’s lots of fun. ;-) We don’t get together as much because he constantly travels on business. But anyhow, I met up with him today at his place and we hung out at his pool. He has a beautiful home with a great pool and jacuzzi out in his yard so we were just hanging out and goofing around. I had on this really hot looking bikini and he just couldn’t take his eyes off of me or stop telling me how sexy I looked. :-) But that’s fine with me because what girl doesn’t love tons of compliments thrown her way, right? LOL!  But I guess I looked so hot to him that he wanted something to remember it by because he brought out his camera and snapped a few pics.  :-) I was a bit loosened up by the margarita that I was sipping on at the pool so I ended up giving Charlie quite a photo shoot. Of course he was all smiles. LOL! I started off in my bikini but ended up doing a little strip tease while he snapped the pictures until I was pretty much skinny dipping. We certainly enjoyed the rest of our day together after that. Right there out in the pool too. ;-)

I thought you guys would enjoy these pics so I put them together in a set for you. Check them out. You will LOVE these. :-) 9 pics come in this set and they are only $9.99. Have fun! I know Charlie and I did. ;-)

Dominant or Submissive? Which One? Hmmmm…..

I was just thinking about this because I have been asked this on more than one occasion. Am I dominant or am I submissive? Well…I think if I had to choose I would say that I am (I think this is the correct term) a switch. I think that would sum up what I am very well. It seems to me that when I am with a very strong, manly, take charge, very dominant type of guy that makes me kind of turn into the submissive damsel in distress sweet little gentle lamb type of girl. LOL! I hope that makes sense. It makes me basically just want to let this big strong stud muffin guy just take me and control me and dominate me into whatever type of submissive little naughty girl that he wants. :-) I absolutely LOVE this type of guy by the way. I think most girls do. I think that most girls love when a man is just really manly and takes charge and controls the situation. Whatever that may be. :-) But especially a sexual one.

Now when it comes to me being more dominant…well….I can be. In fact I can be quite the assertive little bitch. With the right guy that is. Just like a dominant guy naturally brings the submissive little damsel out of me a submissive pushover type of guy really brings out the dominant side of me. This can be really fun though. There’s a certain guy on Niteflirt who calls me that I like to explore this side of me with. He loves the thought of having a girlfriend who he is very submissive to and  who likes to bring other guys into the bedroom with them because he is inadequate and cannot satisfy her. While she is being pleasured by the other guy she forces him to sit and watch while she tells him how much better the other guy is than him. That is very fun for me with THAT particular guy and those like him. I would feel very awkward doing that with one of my more manly and totally HOT guys who I talk to that drives me wild. ;-) But with a guy like the one I mentioned, the more dominant and assertive side of me just naturally comes out more. I dunno guys, maybe I am what you would call a “sexual chameleon”. LOL! But let me clarify that even when I am exploring the dominant side of me that I always like PLEASURE. I am not into yelling at you until my blood pressure is 200/176 while we are down in a dungeon and I am beating you with a chain and a cat of nine tails whip. LOL! Neither am I into you putting my nipples in a vice or anything crazy like that. LOL! Although I do enjoy a little spanking. ;-)

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