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Confessions Weekend To Confessions Week!

Hey guys! I’ve been having such an awesome time with you during confessions weekend that I am gonna extend it into confessions week.  So Confessions week is in effect until 11:59 pm Sunday night 7/3/16.  So keep those confessions coming. I love it! Talk to you guys soon!


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I Love This!

Just wanted to share this with you guys really quickly. I was in a good summery mood so I was listening to this song. This was one of my favorite songs to hear my dad play back when I was a kid. Such a fun song. It’s a pretty old song. It’s older than I am. But I actually like alot of older music as I listened to alot of it growing up. But here’s the song. Do any of you guys like this one?



Ok…..I Confess…

I have been up to alot of things that I have probably not discussed with most of you guys. In fact I know I didn’t discuss everything with those of you that I have discussed some thing with. ;-) I have been up to alot of things and sincemy graduation this past month…I dunno…..perhaps I have just been a bit more daring. A bit more thrill seeking so to say. LOL! I bet some of you guys have too. It’s summer time. The days are longer and the skirts are shorter after all. :-) I know you guys have been up to something and I want to know about it. I also wanna share what I’ve been up to as well. I’ve been getting pretty wild with James and pretty often. My goodness my pussy just gets sooo fucking wet for that huge chocolate dong. Mmmmm! I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I also can’t wait to talk about other happenings as well. One of them is James’ very sexy and gorgeous friend I’ve been hooking up with when I get together with him often. Gee I’ve got an earful for you guys. LOL! Do you have an earful for me? Well give it to me! Let’s make this weekend Confessions Weekend. Let’s let the cat all the way out of the bag this weekend and have some fun in the midst of things. For all of this weekend my rates will be lowered to $1.50 on my line in the Anything Goes and the Women Home Alone Sex category on Niteflirt. After all 10 minute and over calls you’ll get a very sexy gift to remember our naughty time together (Could be a pic, mp3, video, etc.. who knows? It’s a surprise and I won’t ruin it. lol!).  I want to hear all of your naughty confessions and of course your secret will be safe with me. In turn I hope to be able to share my naughty confessions with you too and I hope that my secrets will be safe with you too. So don’t hold back guys. Come on and share it all. I’m listening…

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Last Night’s Hangout!!

Just a quick post to say thanks to the guys who joined me for the end of National Masturbation Month Yahoo Hangout. :-) :-) I had a great time. Maybe we’ll do that again sometime. :-) I am going to be sending gifts to those of you who I had the pleasure of speaking to during our hangout last night via Niteflirt. Thanks guys! I’ll be on Niteflirt for the full day today also so what the hell…lets have some hot nasty ass phone sex to follow up our night. LOL!

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