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Last Day Of Masturbation May Yahoo IM Hangout???

So 100% of you guys who voted voted yes on having a Yahoo IM Hangout tonight. :-) Here’s the results:

So we will be having the hangout tonight and I can’t wait to see you guys there! The hangout information for tonight is as follows:

See you guys tonight! You can click my little Yahoo IM emblem over in the right column to message me and/or add me on Yahoo Instant Messenger. Every guy who hangs out with me tonight will receive a special gift on Niteflirt:-) Talk to you guys soon!

End Of Masturbation May Yahoo Hangout???

A couple of years ago I had a fun little hangout via Yahoo Instant Messenger with you guys and it turned out really cool. Quite a few of you showed up and we had a great time. The point of me doing it was just to give back a little to you guys. You guys had been so good to me with giving great conversation and of course hot wild phone sex on Niteflirt that I really wanted to do that. Masturbation May has been super awesome with you guys as well so I want to do the same thing.  I have seriously had a blast with you naughty boys! ;-)

The thing is that at the end of May we have the Memorial Day weekend and I know you guys are gonna be spending time with family and such so to be sure that this would be something that you guys really want I figured we’d do something fun. We’ll vote on it! :-) :-) :-) If you guys want to have the hangout we will do it most likely on the last day of May which will be Tuesday. I’ll be available on Yahoo and just like last time we can chit chat about anything, share pics, whatever you guys wanna do. And of course if things heat up and you wanna give me a call on Niteflirt we can do that too. ;-) It won’t be like a chat room or anything so no other guys will see you or chat with you…It’ll just be me and we’ll chat, share, or whatever back and forth. This will be pretty cool because I normally do not do this on Yahoo Instant Messenger at all.  Normally I use it to set up calls and such but we can go all out during hangouts. :-)

Anyhow, cast your vote below guys and let’s see if we’ll enjoy some hangout time!




The Great Shout out Purge!!!

Masturbation May has been great so far! I am waaaay backed up on shout outs to my masturbation partner’s of the day so I do certainly want to put that out there. I’ve been cumming like crazy and I have even met some brand new guys who read my blog and wanted to know what Masturbation May was all about. Needless to say they enjoyed it and so did I. ;-) So without further ado here are my masturbation partner’s of the day listed by date:

  • 5/5: xy1234- I love delving into my dominant side and you are the perfect little slut for me and Brad to play with.
  • 5/6:  Novaron- What can I say? I ALWAYS look forward to hopping into your marital bed. ;-)
  • 5/7:  MyDickNHer- You can always charm me right out of my panties baby. ;-)
  • 5/8: ToppaU531- I always melt with you. I love the way you sensually control my body!
  • 5/9:  Juicylovaz69- Thanks for the best pussy licking session ever!
  • 5/10: ToppaU531- Brad I can’t get enough of you. You deserve masturbation partner of the day once again.
  • 5/11:  STexas_blowjb- Had a great time sucking you off in your hot rod. ;-)
  • 5/12:  Member0231207- Ok so you and I didn’t masurbate but we had an awesome conversation. Great meeting you today Steven and I wanna talk to you again soon! *Kisses*
  • 5/13: Novaron- I just had to pick you again Ron! I love being in your marital bed and even occasionally bringing a guest. ;-)
  • 5/14: Slpnsldz_j5- It was so great meeting you and cumming all over your big cock too. ;-)
  • 5/19: jkh1960- Ohhhh Jim! You always lick my pussy and fuck the shit out of me! :-) :-) :-)
  • 5/20: wheelman- You took my breath away for Masturbation May! :-)
  • 5/21: Member7990728- What a super hot role play! Especially when you fucked me in Victoria’s Secret’s dressing room!


So these are my masturbating partner’s of the day so far. Keep it cumming though guys! We’ve got a week or so left to go! Can’t wait to cum nice and hard with each and every one of you! Happy Masturbation May!


I meant to post this a while ago guys but I have been soooo busy with things that have been going on. Graduation coming up (Which I am super excited about!), my new job, etc.  But as I am sure most of you guys know already, music legend “Prince” passed away on April 21st. This was really sad for me. I LOVED listening to Prince growing up and had always been a big fan of his. He was sooo super duper talented and I have lots of his music. He was only 57 which is quite young and died of the flu. I just wanted to take a little time and honor him here on my blog. Here are a few of my very favorites from Prince:

Well that’s just a few of the songs that I LOVED by Prince and I just wanted to give him a little tribute.

Were you a Prince fan? If so what were some of your favorites?

Masturbation May!!

Time to masturbate again! Yeah, I know, we masturbate everyday. LOL! But what is different about today is that today is a National Holiday. lol! It’s the beginning of Masturbation May! May 7th is actually the day that it’s actually recognized but I say what the hell? Let’s celebrate for the entire month and have ourselves a little “Masturbate-A-Thon” LOL! I have done this for the past couple of years but if you’re new you may be skeptical. You may be saying “Oh she just had to make this one up because I KNOW there is no such day.”. Well I am here to assure you that this is a holiday. Still don’t believe me? Well read up on it right HERE .

I love fingering or toying my horny little pussy with you guys any day but doing it to celebrate is even hotter, I’d say! :-D

So to celebrate masturbation May we’re going to having what I like to call a “Jack-A-Thon” on Niteflirt. LOL!  :-) I want to masturbate as much as possible and I want to do it with you guys. It’s just something so hot about masturbating my hot horny little snatch while listening to your horny naughty voices over the phone as we have hot phone sex together. Mmmmm!

For the entire month of May I am going to be doing the following:

  • Sending you a guys a nice little surprise after each call of 10 minutes or more. NO way! I won’t tell you what it will be before then because then it would not be a surprise. ;-) It may be something like a hot picture (Don’t worry, it won’t be one that you may have already purchased on my site), a video, minutes, etc. Whatever it is, I am sure it will put a smile on your face. :-D
  • I’ll be randomly selecting a favorite “Masturbation Partner” of the day and shouting him out on my blog and twitter. Of course it will only be your screen name that you have set up on Niteflirt or your first name. I’ll be contacting you before I do so so you just let me know your preference. And if you would rather not be shouted out just let me know that too.
  • All picture sets, MP3′s, and video’s are Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Buy anything and get another at equal or lesser value FREE! You can even mix and match if you want. Buy a pic set and get a free MP3 if you want for example. ;-)
  • All custom made MP3 recordings are Buy 1 Get 1 Free also. Buy a regular custom personalized MP3 at regualr price and get a free personalized custom MP3 (5 minutes and shorter) FREE!

So how’s that for a masturbation month celebration? I don’t know about you guys but I am turned on and ready to play right now. Are you? Well bring that hard cock on baby and let’s get nasty. Talk to you guys on Niteflirt. ;-) Till then!

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