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Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day 2016 guys! Call me on Niteflirt today as my prices are “leaping back” from the regular $1.69 per minute to only $1.49. :-) You get a leap year only every 4 years so why not celebrate in some way, huh? LOL! Why not have a big smile on your face from completely drained balls? Yummy. ;-) Talk to you guys soon! I’ll be on all day today.


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Ok Ok

Well I had one of you guys call me out on the fact that I have not posted here on my blog since Christmas. LOL! Well I am sorry guys and here I am. I have been uber busy lately. For those of you who I have not told I actually have a new part time job. I really do like it and I am gaining so much beneficial time and experience toward my nursing career. I am doing home health visits.  So super awesome it is doing this. I am constantly on the move going to help different patients and it really is rewarding. Today, however, I am snowed in.  How great right? LOL! One thing about Michigan is that the weather is really weird. We got a big winter storm but the day before you could have sworn it was late April. I’m thankful that I didn’t get sick though. Normally when the weather changes suddenly like that I am damn near coughing up a lung. I’m gonna be home taking calls on niteflirt all weekend long with great availability. I’ll probably be gone to the library tomorrow for a few hours but other than that I am gonna be right on Niteflirt ready to talk to you naughty boys. ;-) I hear that you guys are missing me. That’s what alot of you have said with me being offline for a while. But I am here and ready to play. Have you had a long week? Need to blow off some steam? Give me a call. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys! XOXO

Also don’t forget that if I am not available that you guys can click the appointment button over in the right sidebar at any time to schedule an appointment. :-) K, talk soon!


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