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Merry Christmas and other stuff

Merry Christmas!! Have you been a good boy? Did santa bring you all that you wanted on his sleigh tonight? Hmmmm….if only I could have met you this morning underneath your tree weariing mothing but a big christmas bow. ;-) How about that? I bet that would have been the beginning of something great, eh? LOL! Of course.

Let me apologize that I have been MIA with roleplay wednesday. These last couple of weeks have been hectic with Christmas approaching and now here. But I promise we will resume on this coming wednesday. I sooooo had a great time during the last one. You guys are so creative. :-)

I’ll be taking calls on Niteflirt all day today. Yes I am with family for the holiday. Call me crazy but it drives me wild to disappear with you into the other room for a hot session. Just you and I together while everyone else is enjoying the festivities. Then us returning back with everyone else with big smile on our faces. :-) LOL! Well until then guys and have a very merry Christmas. Remember ….Christmas is much more merry with Mallory! ;-)


Time for our first Role Play Wednesday!!

Today is our very first Role Play Wednesday and I know it’s gonna be so much fun and so super hot doing this with you guys. So I am posting our very first role play recording down below. It’s a short recording of me beginning our role play. you guys listen to it and when you call me on Niteflirt we can finish the  role play any way that we choose. So go ahead and give it a listen and I’ll talk to you soon for some super hot role play phone sex on Niteflirt!

Click on the button below to download and listen to the recording right now! :-)

Now call me so we can finish the role play together!
Call Button

Introducing…..Role Play Wednesdays!!

Here’s something that’s gonna be UBER fun! :-) :-) I absolutely LOVE role playing and I know that most of you guys do too. We do a lot of role playing on Niteflirt. So how about we have Role Play Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we will have a role play of the day. I will post a recording starting off the role play and when you guys call me on Niteflirt we can finish the role play in our own little way. However we choose. So you will listen to the recording and you will be able to hear what the role play is because I will begin playing it out via recording and then when we talk you we will continue! How cool, right? So tomorrow is gonna be the very first day of Role Play Wednesday and I will post the recording on my blog and I will also be sending it to you guys who are on my mailing list via Niteflirt. I am so so excited I think we are gonna have so much hot fun with this. Can’t wait to cum like crazy with you guys. Talk soon!

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