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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy day after Thanksgiving guys! I hope you guys had a great day yesterday. I sure did! I spent the whole day with my family and ate sooo good. Mmmmm! Yummy turkey that just melted in your mouth, buttery mashed potatoes, and my mom’s famous delicious pumpkin pie. Ahhhhh…..I just had a fat girl moment there. LOL!!

What are you guys thankful for? I know I am thankful for every last one of you! :-) :-) :-) I’m also horny as hell. LOL! So let’s have ourselves a little Thanksgiving “after party” on Niteflirt. Talk to you guys soon!

Oh yeah, and confessions week is still on so bring me those naughty confessions or just that horny cock. ;-) Talk soon!


I’m having a great day so far. I got up this morning, went out for my morning run, then ran to McDonalds. LOL! No I didn’t eat anything to put the calories back on, I just stopped in for a coffee. We had our first snow here in Michigan today. It was pretty cold out but I did dress nice and warm plus the coffee warmed me up rather well. I snapped a pic of our first snow while I was out. Isn’t it beautiful?


It’s still coming down out there right now so I think I am going to enjoy a relaxing day at home. So now since I am at home I began thinking how much I love hearing you dirty boys confessions. ;-) So how about it? Got anything to confess? Remember, I won’t tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me. Have you fantasized about something that you don’t want the average person to know? Or have you even done something that you don’t want to get out. Tell me. I do have  a confession myself. Well…remember the black guy James who I was seeing some time back? Well…..I have been enjoying his big thick black cock pretty much every day this week. Yes, you heard correctly. Everyday this week. LOL! I am trying so hard so to not become what I never wanted to. Although I don’t really think it’ll get that deep. (no pun intended. LOL!) But I don’t ever want to be one of those girls who go ape shit over having sex with black men. I mean, I guess the thing about it for me is that it is rather exotic. I mean, it’s so…..different to see this dark black dick going in and out of my pale white pussy. His whole persona is so exotic to me. He’s very aggressive in bed, which turns me on but can actually turn me off if he gets too carried away. He’s piped it down some since I have mentioned my feelings to him though. He’s really not the asshole that I thought he was before. And of course, you guessed it…he has a very very nice sized cock. :-) He fills me up perfectly and makes me cum so hard.

So there’s my confession. :-) At least one of them. I don’t want to tell everything here. I will save some for when we have phone sex on Niteflirt.  I want to hear your confession. C’mon, I know you’ve got one…or more. Even if you don’t have a big confession but you’re just super horny and want to have some fun. ;-) My rates will be down to $1.45 for this weekend while I listen to all of your confessions and all 15 minute and more calls will get a very sexy pic set. 30 minute and over calls will get a free custom-made 5 minute and under MP3 recording made just for you. :-) Coll huh? Can’t way to talk to you naughty boys!

Call Button



New Schedule and Blog Subscription

Heyyyy guys! Many times when I talk to guys on Niteflirt they ask me my schedule or when they can catch me on taking calls. I’ve even had guys message me telling me how much they’ve wanted to talk to me but I am normally not signed in when they are able to call. So here is my official schedule (It can also be found over to the right in my sidebar along with a button below to contact me or even request appointments if you would like.):

This schedule is standard and I will let you guys know if the schedule ever changes. If I am not on at any time that you may want to chat then just contact me on Niteflirt to request an appointment with me or by clicking on this button (It’s also in the right sidebar as well :-) ):


See? I’m always thinking of you guys. ;-) And I want to make talking and “Making It With Mallory” something that’s doable for all of you guys. XOXOXO

Also, would you like to be updated on blog posts, additions, updates,etc on my website? Well then take a look over in the right sidebar and you will see an area where you can subscibe to my blog. Just type in your email address and voila! You will receieve emails whenever anything is added here. Talk to you guys soon!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!. I know it’s the day after but I was not on Niteflirt much last night because I was out having Halloween fun with my friends. Just wait till you see my costume. It was soooo over the top. LOL !I mean it looked perfectly normal until I showed the full costume when I lifted my skirt. LOL! I was a tranny cheerleader. Yes I was in “full uniform” underneath my skirt. LOL!! Check it out. and sorry for the fuzzy quality. My friend’s camera phone sucks apparently.


LOL! Everyone died laughing when I lifted my skirt last night. It was hilarious. I had a blast. LOL!


So today is also my anniversary on Niteflirt. Yay!! See?

:-) So according to the date I have been on Niteflirt for 5 years today. Although I hadn’t really been active in taking calls for 5 years. More like 3 being on there regularly taking calls. I’ve really enjoyed it and I just may do another round on there too. Hmmm…would you guys like for me to stick around? ;-)

So anyhow, all of today, since it’s my anniversary I will be giving a sexy photo set (never before seen by you) for all calls 10 minutes and over and for all calls 20 minutes and over you guys will be getting the pic set and 3 free minutes toward your next call. :-) :-) :-) So I will be looking forward to speaking to you guys to celebrate my anniversary.

Oh yeah, let’s have a bit more fun for today only. How about a free 4 minute and under sexy mp3 clip for all of you who will share a pic of their Halloween costume with me? Just send them to me on Niteflirt or to my email ;-)

Talk to you guys soon!

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