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NEW MP3!! 2 Minute Quickie!!

I know I have said before that I can’t stand quickies. Well at least something along those lines. I mentioned that I can’t stand quickie boys on Niteflirt because then where do I get pleasure? Although I don’t mind an occasional quickie from some of my favorite guys on Niteflirt. Just not some random guy who wants to be rude about it. lol! But there’s nothing wrong with a hot quickie when you want to get off but don’t have lots of time. This MP3 is exactly what this is for. Maybe you’ve got to be at work soon and you don’t want to have to go a full work day with overly filled balls? Your wife will be home soon? You’ve got a date showing up in a few? Whatever the case may be where you may be needing a really hot explosive quick naughty fuck….this would be the perfect MP3 for you. Come on into the bedroom where I am on the bed nice and naked and waiting for you with my legs spread wide and fuck the shit out of me and give me that nice creamy hot jizz. No foreplay required this time. Just give me that cum as quick as you can baby. Super low price on this one too. ;-)



So Excited! and Happy Spring. :-)

Spring time is finally here in Michigan and I am feeling really good about it. It’s not as cold as it had been and the sun is so bright and shiny today. The temperature right now is 31 degrees. Yeah, I know that’s still on the cold side and I know that you guys who are so lucky to be over on the west coast or maybe down in the southern states are enjoying much warmer weather right now. But hey, it beats getting stuck in a blizzard with a windchill factor of -30. LOL! I signed into Niteflirt this morning and one of my favorite guys called me who happens to live in Florida. I must admit that I am totally jealous that he called me while wearing shorts out on his patio. LOL! Ohhh must be nice. But I am just thankful that I don’t have to wear a thick winter coat and scrape snow off of my car.

I know that you see “So Excited” in my title heading so I will get into that now. I am such a Taylor Swift fan and she is coming here in May for her 1989 tour. Well, she’ll be in Detroit so it will be about an hour or so drive from me but completely worth it. Charlie is just the sweetest. He preordered tickets for me and a friend to go and sit in the front row. Can you believe it??? I am going to be in the front row at Taylor Swift’s concert. Yayy!!! I’m so excited about that. :-D

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