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You make it worthwhile…

It is so awesome when you truly enjoy what it is that you do. I’m reminded of that whenever I talk to certain guys on Niteflirt. I mean, some of you guys are just a joy to talk to. Some of you…not so much. LOL! Lucky for me I seem to get more of the guys who I really do enjoy. But I am sooo over the ones who I don’t. You know the ones who are rude and demanding. I mean like they really think they are Pharoah or some crap. Yelling a demand at me so they can hurry and get off before their one minute remaining is up. I mean, how rude??? LOL! Most often I hang up on those guys and block. I never want to end up tired of being on Niteflirt because I have to deal with rude idiots. One reason why I hated working at Starbucks. Ugh!!

But I just love guys who I really do vibe with on the phone. Guys who can hold an intelligent conversation as well as rock my world. And guys who like to make sure I get off too. I mean, that is something I like to do on my calls too. ;-)

I was watching tv the other night and I just about cracked my side laughing when a part of a movie I was watching came on and it showed a really overweight woman wearing a ratty bath robe filing her nails and moaning really sexy into the phone. LOL!! I guess that’s the basic phone sex operator stereotype. That’s just the kind of girl I’m not. Back when I first started taking phone sex calls on Niteflirt I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be that. The girl who’s probably at home polishing her silverware wearing an apron and rubber gloves and lying telling you that I am wearing a silk teddy with 5 inch stilettos ramming a dildo in and out of my warm waiting cunt. LOL! Isn’t that the things they say though?? I don’t know how some of you guys don’t laugh.

I love you guys who appreciate that about me. The fact that I like to genuinely enjoy myself with you. That I like to treat you like you are more than just a number to me and you return that favor to me. I love talking to you and getting to know you and what you like and just letting the most electrifying orgasm happen naturally between us two.


New Niteflirt Listing!!

I now have a new listing design on Niteflirt! It’s really awesome! Thank you to Hunnylicious Designs! I would love for you guys to go over and check it out. Give my new banner a click down below and be taken to check out my new listing. I would love for you guys to let me know what you think of it too.




Happy Saturday!

Today has been a really cool day so far for me. No complaints at all. :-) I was up bright and early this morning. I did my workout and got a call from Charlie inviting me out for breakfast. Charlie is just the sweetest guy. He’s always thinking of me. So I got all dolled up and went and met him for breakfast. I had the yummiest pancake and turkey bacon breakfast and then he gave me a beautiful gift! :-) He gave me the cutest diamond necklace and earring set. Check it out!

Cute huh? How thoughtful of him. He had an important business trip to attend so I’m pretty sure he’s on his flight by now. He normally does like to get together with me before he goes out of town. Of course we didn’t get to do anything naughty before he left but that just leaves us something to look forward to once he returns. ;-)

I’m also gonna be a grandmother soon! I wonder the look on your face when you read that. LOL!  But I am gonna be a grandmother to some kittens soon. Queenie (my cat) is preggers. I’ve been spoiling the crap out of her lately too. I got her a new fluffier bed, a new food bowl and water dish, and a cute personalized collar. I’ve been feeding her so good too. LOL Not that I didn’t feed her before of course, but her appetite has picked up. It’s just so freaking cute to watch her like this. I can’t wait to see those cute little fur babies. She’s so lazy these days too. LOL! This is literally her for 75% of the day:

LOL! But she’s just so cute. Even though I bought her her a new super soft bed she always like to cuddle up in bed near me. Pretty funny though because she always slept in her own bed before she was pregnant. I guess maybe it just feels better for her to snuggle at this point. Soon she’ll have her little babies to cuddle. :-)

One more thing that I am happy about today is that my designer just let me know that my new Niteflirt listing is almost done. :-) I’m sure it’s gonna look awesome! Talk to you guys later.



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