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Hola in 2015!!

Hey guys! I figured it would be good to stop in and let you guys know that even though I might not have been posting in my blog all that regularly I have been signed into Niteflirt taking calls on a consistent basis. Someone actually mentioned to me that he thought I wasn’t around on Niteflirt much because my blog wasn’t as up to date. Wellllll….nah that’s not the case! :-) I’m here.

Happy New Year by the way. :-) How’s your 2015 so far? Mine is starting off on the up and up. No complaints. I can’t say I have any actual New Year’s resolutions. Just my regular goals. I normally make goals for myself all throughout the year and I try to tackle them as I can. I figure that’s the best way, ya know? My weekend is going well too. Charlie took me to one of the most amazing restaurants he’s taken me to yet. I think the cheapest thing on the menu was the side salad. And even that was about $30. LOL! I have to say that the meal was well worth it. I would rate it 6 stars if I could. Everything was delicious. With a bill in the 3 figures it had better be! LOL! He was heading out on a business trip so we didn’t do all that much hanging out after dinner. Well…we did have ourselves a quickie before leaving to board his flight. That was alot of fun. Although, seeing that it was just a quickie I did get pretty horny later on that day. Well.. what can I say? I’m a total sex addict. LOL!

I signed into Niteflirt after coming home and enjoying a nice hot bath. A nice hot phone sex session can definitely help when those hormones are raging. It still is helping as we speak. You guys have no idea how much you help my hormones at times. LOL!


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