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Just hanging out…

Today has been a pretty humdrum day, I guess. Class this morning, a few errands, and home with just me, Netflix, my pharmacology text book, and of course my pretty kitty Queenie (She’s so prissy that she’d really be pissed if I left her out.LOL!). I guess that’s norm for days like this, ya know? Cold, cloudy, and just dreary. But that’s ok. Days like those can be good days too. :-) Of course I was signed in on Niteflirt too. I just freaking love taking you guys calls. I spoke to a guy today from Texas for almost 2 hours. Dammit, he had the sexiest southern drawl ever. Southern drawls are a big turn on for me. Country boys are the best. Such gentlemen and such phenomenal lovers all wrapped up into one. :-)

Anyhow, I was checking the poll results and it looks like video’s are in the lead. :-) I’ll let it go on until tomorrow and we’ll see what it is that I’ll be wowing you guys with next. ;-)

What do you want? Vote! :-)

So I was thinking of doing a few extra things on Niteflirt but of course (you know me)  I like to get you guys feedback first. ;-)Vote below on what it is you want to see next. You guys can also feel free to leave comments down below.  I just love doing these polls! :-D


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