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Shout Outs!!

Ooooookkkkk! I thought I’d do something really cool today. I’m shouting out a few of my favorite callers on Niteflirt. :-) I love talking to so many of you guys so if you don’t see yourself mentioned please blame my mind which tends to go in each and every direction at times and not my heart. :-)

Ok, so I won’t mention you guys by full name. What I will do is mention you by the first letter of your name and then I will describe our “normal” calls and what I find so super about you. :-) So if your name is Bobby then I will call you “B Guy” and then describe our call. That way you will know who you are and privacy is still honored. :-) Ok. First up:


  • M Guy- I just love how you treat me soooo sweetly and spoil me rotten. You have such a great bubbly disposition and you are one of the most awesome farmers I have ever met. Thanks so much for the gift cards too! :-)
  • C Guy- I love how knowledgeable you are. Especially about the whole craving for chocolate thing. ;-) I love talking to you. Thanks for the advice about James too. ;-)
  • G Guy- You’ve introduced me to something that I would have NEVER known had I not spoken to you. Fur Masturbation!! Don’t knock it till you try it. It feels sooooo good. Especially when I have your voice in my ear telling me just how to do it. ;-)
  • J Guy- Our roleplays are always so great. Nothing wrong with a little same sex action. ;-) I love to sit back and direct and watch you with whoever our young hot stud of choice is.
  • R Guy- One of my favorite places is in your marital bed. I just love sneaking over on a hot summer day, wearing a sexy little short sun dress and a tiny little g-string as soon as I see your wife pull off. I deserve you much more than her. ;-)
  • B Guy- It’s been wayy long since we talked but you are one sensual guy. I love how you please me and send me into the most explosive orgasms as you always take your time with me which I love. I also love that you give me your cum when I am ready. ;-)
  • A Guy- I love talking to you about a mutual fantasy that you and I both have. A deep dark dirty secret. What some may look at as trash on the street would be a night full of naughty,  nasty, and forbidden filthy sex. Not something that we would do just once. It would be a regular part of our naughty love life. ;-)
  • J Guy- I just love your sexy southern accent. Makes me so wet. Makes me even wetter when you tell me how much you want to put your tong in my hot little pussy until I squirt right in your face. Mmmmmmm!
  • J Guy- I love to have my cake and eat it too. Just like your ex. My friend Seth was in town last month too as a matter of fact. ;-)
  • G Guy-  I love when you call me on your way to work. Normally with your fleshlight. So many fun adventures. I love the whole “possibly getting caught” thing. Nothing like risky fun. lol! ;-)
  • R Guy- Hey. I’m waiting for a follow up. Did your wife end up getting laid at the pool party or what? lol  ;-)
  • T Guy- I just love when you got me that big glass dildo and had me use it on the phone with you when I got it. ;-) Can’t wait till we can play again.
  • T Guy- You have the most HUGE cock I have ever seen. Too bad it doesn’t work.  You have the sexiest British accent and it was great talking to you. I don’t know why, but I just can’t help myself from wanting to tease and taunt you so much with my full breasts. ;-)
  • B Guy- That was alot of fun when you called me from the glory hole. You are one kinky and dirty guy! Can’t wait until this weekend when we post your first backpage ad. :-)
  • B Guy- You’re a computer tech who is not only a very nice guy but you are also a very passionate lover who loves to make sure I’m satisfied too which I love. :-) Although you may not have the best of luck with dating I love when we get together and I can be your naughty date. ;-)

Ok guys!! Hope it put a smile on your face if you saw yourself mentioned. If I didn’t mention you don’t be mad at me. Please? LOL! Talk to you guys on Niteflirt. I’ll be on all night tonight. :-)


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