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Do blondes have more fun?

I thought I would share this with you guys. I always wondered how I would look with blonde hair so I thought I would play around a little the next time Josh and I got together. :-) I dressed up for him last night and we had a little fun with me wearing a blonde wig.  How do I look?

LOL! I thought it was cool for the moment but personally I love my natural firey red locs. I think it really brings me out.  I think red heads have more fun. :-) what do you guys think??

Still curious…

Ok.  I know I haven’t blogged about it but I haven’t been seeing James anymore. You guys remember James, right? The black guy who I met at the bar that night and I went home with him. I got really busy with school work and I guess he got busy too because I hadn’t heard from him in a while.  Then he called me probably a few weeks later but I was on my way to class and couldn’t talk but I never called him back. So we don’t talk any more. But you guys knew how I felt about the sexual experience. I t was really great. He had a very nice sized cock. Really really nice.  ;-) I had never had a guy that was so aggressive either. But anyhow I have been curious about trying more black guys.  I mean, I’ve been with one black guy and that was a pretty good experience so I’m just a little curious as to how it would be to fuck other black guys. I wonder if the experience will be the same, better, worse, or what?  I am planning to go out this weekend and see if I can meet any black guys. I really want to do this again. A guy who I talk to often on Niteflirt suggested that I wear an ace of spades t shirt when I go out. He says that most black guys recognize that as being what alot of white girls wear when they are in search of black men. lol! I thought that sounded pretty cool so I am gonna try it out. And of course, no I am no black cock junkie or anything just still really curious. :-)


New Pic Set! Fucking My Pussy With Dildo In Bathtub.


The other weekend I went away with Charlie on vacation. These are some really hot pics he snapped of me in the bathroom. I wasn’t posing alone though. ;-) I had a little toy there that made it extra special. This pic set has 17 pics of me enjoying my little dildo pal on the bathtub. Your cock is going to be sooo hard looking at me getting my sweet little pussy stuffed with this thing and me also fingering my sweet asshole and letting you see it nice and up close. ;-)






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