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Under The Weather :-(

I have good news and I have bad news. I guess it’s always best to go with the good news first? Well the good news is that naughty confessions week will be extended onto next week as well. So my rates will continue to be  set down at $1.50 per minute and you guys will get a sexy pic after every 10 minute call. The bad news is that I am feeling horrible. I started off early this week with a minor sniffle and a tiny cough every now and again but now I am completely under the weather. I have the worst cold ever and I have strep throat. :-( Yeah it sucks guys. I literally sound like Marge Simpson. smh. I’m sure you guys have seen that I have been set to Away on Niteflirt and I probably will continue to be set to Away for the next few days. I was really enjoying hearing all of you guys naughty confessions so much too. Some of you guys have done some really wild things. ;-) Anyhow, I think I’m gonna go ahead and brew myself another cup of tea and lay back in bed. I’m totally feeling like crap. I’ll keep you guys posted on when I will be back and we will continue where we left off, ok? :-) I hope you guys are feeling way better than me. Enjoy your weekends. Mine will be spent tucked in bed under my big blanket. Although…….I may be inspired to rub my clitty a little. LOL! You know I can’t go too long without it.

Naughty Confessions Week!! Confess to Mallory. ;-)

It’s freezing cold here in Michigan and I’ve been inside most of the time. I was watching the weather forcast and it doesn’t seem to be a warm up coming anytime soon. What gives??? LOL! So since I am inside on these icy cold days I figure this is the perfect time for some really fun and hot action. I am making this week Naughty Confessions Week. ;-) I know I haven’t been blogging alot lately. Well…..perhaps in forever. LOL! Sorry guys. I promise that’s gonna change. I have been a bit busy lately. During my busy time I have been doing alot of very naughty things that I know you guys would love to hear about. :-) I know you guys have done some naughty things too. ;-) C’mon, I know you have. I want to know all about it. I want for you to confess to me those dirty dirty  things. Even those forbidden things that you have done. Maybe it’s something that you would never even want to get out. I want for you to confess it all to me. Of course your secret is safe with me. I cross my heart not to tell a soul and who knows? Our confessions could be the start to a very hot and naughty session for us. ;-)

For all of this week my rates will be lowered to $1.50 and after all 10 minute calls you’ll get a very sexy pic to remember our naughty time together.  I hope to be able to enjoy Naughty Confessions Week with you. I want to hear all of your naughty and dirty secrets. Remember…your secret is always safe with me. ;-)


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