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The results for Picture of the Week are in!!

So you guys voted on whether or not I should do Picture of the Week and the results are in. Here they are:

So apparently all of you who voted wants Picture of the Week and of course I am happy to oblige. :-) Normally I am going to be sending picture of the week out to you guys every Monday but I figure since I took all of the poll results that I would send the very first one today. Yay! lol! Like I said before, I am not sure how long I am going to do this. Maybe until after the holidays are over and maybe longer than that. Not sure. Hmmm…do I smell another reason to do another one of these polls that I am starting to become infatuated with? :-D Anyhow, look out for your Picture of The Week in your inbox today. :-) If for any reason you don’t get it there then get it right here:

Hope you guys are enjoying you weekend. :-) Talk to you on Niteflirt!


Pic of the week. Vote on it!

I am thinking of doing a “picture of the week”. I don’t know how long I will do these. Maybe for now until after holidays or maybe longer. Who knows? But once a week I will send a very sexy shot of myself to your mail box.  Probably on Monday morning of every week. That would be a great way to start off your week. At least a great way to start of Monday because we all know how crappy Mondays can be huh? But the pic will be no more than $2 to view. Mainly just $1. Of course I will still do regular picture sets whenever I take them and video’s and MP3′s whenever I make them.

I just love these little polls so I made one for you guys to vote on below. :-) I love hearing from you guys and finding out what you like. So go ahead and cast your vote below. Should I or should I not do “Picture of the week”? Let me know!

James and the “awkward moment”

So an update to the last post that I made about going out with James. We hooked up this past Sunday and we had a great time. We met up at a bar and had a drink then we went back to his place. The sex was out of this world! I noticed that he was a bit more aggressive this time. It was cool and all but I did have to ask him to slow down at one point. I was on my knees sucking his cock and he started fucking my throat so hard I thought he would break my esophagus. LOL! But he did tone it down a bit and then it was perfect. Gosh! We did so many positions and he handled me so perfectly. By “handled me” I mean how he just switched me into so many different positions. Swinging me and picking me up. Even fucking me in mid air at one point. Not that that is way hard anyway as I am not a very big woman. Everything was awesome until there came a very awkward point. Now I know that during sex you can say some pretty wild things out of the passion and all but James asked me to say something that really caught me off guard. He asked me to tell him to fuck me with his big umm……ya know….N word cock. Ok, I’ll say it. He wanted me to tell him to fuck me with his big black nigger cock. *shriek!* When he told me that I paused and I’m like “What?” and he just kept insisting I say it so I did. I mean, the sex was so good that I didn’t want to interrupt it but I swear I just felt like scum after saying it. But the craziest thing about it is that he just went wild on my pussy when I was saying that to him. He liked it. I was always under the impression that black people did not like being called the N word but apparently it is acceptable during sex? I don’t know. LOL! Of course I am not some ignorant back woods racist who goes around referring to blacks as N words all the time so I guess I shouldn’t feel bad. After all, James did ask me to say it and it apparently was a turn on for him. He was calling me things like “His nasty white slut” during sex also which was a big turn on for me in some weird way.  Well anyway, the sex was SUPER and I will hook up with him at a later time. Josh and I are hooking up later for a movie and some dinner. Jeez how slutty does that make me?LOL! I just told you guys about my rendezvous with James last week and now I am hooking up with Josh tonight. *sigh* Guess I am just a natural whore now huh? LOL! Have a great rest of the weekend guys!


A date…

Well, guess who’s got a date tonight? Me of course! lol? With who? James. My black friend. I want to see if this thing gets better each time. I can’t help but wonder if he was taking it easy on me last time because it was my first time.  Not that I want him to be super rough or anything.  Just wondering. Hmmmmm….we shall soon see. Talk to you guys soon.

^^^HeHe! ;-) ^^^

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