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NEW!! Guided Masturbation MP3!!

I want to guide you to the greatest orgasm ever. I was home alone feeling super sexy and super horny and wanted to help you guys have a wonderful orgasm along with me. I want you to get undressed, lay back and relax, and listen to me tell you exactly what I want you to do with that stiff hard on. Close your eyes and listen to my soft sexy and seductive voice tell you just how I want you to stroke it for me. Listen to me describe just how it is that I am rubbing my soft aroused body and how I am fingering and toying my sweet pussy. 13 minutes of pleasure that will definitely make you smile. Check out this MP3 guys and let me know how much you like it. :-)

So….did she??

Well did I??? LOL! Sorry I hadn’t blogged earlier guys. Been pretty busy. School is pretty hectic this year. Seems there’s a paper to write every time I take a breath. Sheesh!

Anyhow, I ran a poll the other week on whether or not I should try something that I have been thinking of doing for a while. That something was whether or not I should try sex with a black guy. Something I had been thinking of for the longest. I’d even been getting encouragement by alot of my friends and even guys in Niteflirt.

Well you guys voted and here are the results:

As you can see some of you were all for it, some of you were like “Hell no! (LOL!), and some of you just didn’t give a crap. :-D But the majority was all for it so I went ahead and scheduled a night out with a few of my girlfriends. These were the friends of mine who had been encouraging me to try black cock in the first place so I figured they would know exactly where to go. ;-) And they did. We ended up going to a hip hop club in Pontiac. It was a little scary at first but I warmed up after some time (And a drink or two). I was dressed really really sexy. A low-cut short black dress and a really hot pair of black knee-high 4 inch heel boots. My friends and I met a few black guys. They bought us a drink and I danced with one guy whose name was James. He was really good looking. About 6 ft 1 really muscular and just overall really hot. Of course he asked me to go home with him and I was happy to oblige. After all, this was the whole point of my night out. ;-) I’d had a few drinks before we left the club so I was already feeling pretty frisky to say the least. While he was driving I was kissing him and feeling the huge bulge that was in his pants and he was reaching under my dress touching my hot wet and very very horny pussy. When we got back to his place the heat REALLY turned up. I couldn’t believe how fast things had taken off overall. We were kissing and touching and was starting to undress at the door. Once I was down to my bran and panties he picked me up and carried me to his room and tossed me onto the bed. He told me to strip for him while he sat on a chair beside his bed so I did. I gave him a little strip tease out of the little bit of clothes that I was wearing and then a really sexy little dance. I guess he couldn’t take much of that so he grabbed me and put me over his shoulders and started feasting on my pussy. OMG! That was SUPER freaking HOT! His tonguing skills were pretty good. That combined with the fact that I was excited to actually be doing this was awesome. Before I knew it he was flipping me over upside down and he told me to suck his cock. Of course I obliged. So hanging upside down, here I was sucking a black cock for the first time ever and getting my pussy eaten at the same time. I had to open my mouth super wide because his cock was so fat. When I finally got it in my mouth I was gagging like crazy because I guess having my lips around really did something to him because he was getting pretty aggressive with the thrusting. He put me on the bed and spread my legs and he started putting that big black cock in my horny little pussy. Whew! Let’s say this happened this weekend and I am just getting over being very sore. LOL!

So how did I like it? I loved it. It was overall really really great sex. Would I do it again? Hell yes!! Am I a black cock zombie now never to return to fucking white guys again. NO!!!! LOL! I love fucking all kinds of guys but I can say the experience was great. James and I did exchange numbers so I may go back for another slice of double chocolate cake again very soon.

A few questions for you guys though. I was wondering, for those of you who voted. Why did you choose the answer that you did? Why did you say Yes or No. I think it’s obvious why you chose your answer if you chose that you didn’t care. LOL! So for those of you who answered yes or no, will you tell me why you chose that answer either by leaving a comment below or by calling me and telling me on Niteflirt? I’d love to know.

Should I go for it? I’m having a chocolate craving. ;-)

I thought it would be kind of fun to do this. :-) I’ve been really really wanting to go for a walk on the “dark side’. lol! Meaning I want to fuck a black guy. I mean, I hear all of my friends and other women talk about how good black cock is and how big their black lover’s cocks are and I’m just pretty curious? I’ve been talking to a guy on Niteflirt too and he tells me how much his girlfriend loves it and how much he even loves the fact that she gets it so it must be something really hot about it. But then I’ve heard that it’s all a stereotype and not necessarily true. I’ve always been open to going out with any nationality but this is just one thing I’ve yet to try and I really think I want to. I want to know what all of the fuss is about too. I’ve been watching interracial porn alot lately too and it looks soooo hot to see a black guy fucking a white girl, but is it just because it’s porn? I don’t know guys. I really think I want tot take this walk on the wild side. There’s one thing that I have been thinking of and I know this may even sound crazy (LOL!), but I have heard alot of people say that once you go black you don’t go back. It’s like I’m kind of afraid that I will love black dick so much that I may turn into a girl that’s obsessed with it or become like a black cock zombie so to say. I’ve actually seen girls like this. LOL! Do you believe this could happen? Anyhow I thought it would be pretty fun to put together this little poll and let you guys vote on it for me. So what do you think guys? Should I go for it? Should I fuck a big black cock? Vote below! :-D

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