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Happy Fall!! 50% Off Fall Special!!

Happy second day of fall guys! LOL! Yeah, yesterday was officially the first day of fall. This happens to be my very FAVORITE time of year. Honestly, I just feel in such great spirits during this time. Maybe it’s the beautiful colors of the changing leaves all around or the nice cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer time too but that hot humid weather gets a bit tiresome  after a while. I just love how it cools down in the fall. The air is just so cool and crisp and it just plain makes me happy. :-D <——See?? LOL!

Anyhow guys, since I’m sooo flippin happy I decided to make all of my picture sets and video’s half off for a while. My lines on Niteflirt will also be rolled back to $1 per minute. This all starts right now until October 6th!

GFE Phone Sex

Well what the heck does GFE stand for?? Did you say that when you read the title of this blog post? LOL! It’s ok. GFE stands for GirlFriend Experience. One of my favorite guys to talk to called me on Niteflirt last night (Hi baby! XOXO) and we were on the subject of my day and calls that I’d had before him and how they went. He then went on to ask me what was my favorite type of call? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like all kinds of phone sex calls on Niteflirt. It depends on the mood I’m in and it depends on the guy. I tend to prefer calls where the guy and myself can take our time with each other and unwind, break the ice, and just plain get to know each other first. I don’t really care for the wham bam thank you ma’am (or even fuck you ma’am. lol!) type of call. To be honest with you I’ve been known to go ahead and just call it quits on the phone with a guy who calls me huffing and puffing and yelling out commands on what he wants me to do. If I wanted to deal with that I’d probably just go back to my crappy job at Starbucks. At least then I’d get a free latte a day. But eh, that’s neither here nor there.

Anyhow, I told him that to be perfectly honest, I LOVE the relationship that we have on the phone together and I love everything about our calls. For the past 2 or so years that I’ve been talking to him on the phone, he and I have had sort of a boyfriend and girlfriend experience together. We talk regularly (Or at least as regularly as his schedule allows.), we email back and forth, we talk on IM, we share things with each other, he even spoils me. :-) He’s just really awesome and he thinks that I’m really awesome. Which that is 100% truth. :-) In addition to that of course, we have the most electrifying phone sex known to man. I mean seriously out of this world phone sex. His record of making me cum in one phone call is now at least well over 5 times. :-D.

My whole point, I guess, is to say that GFE is my favorite type of phone sex because I love the closeness and the realness of it. I love how we can connect together and enjoy eachother’s company and have electrifying phone sex as well. It’s so cool being able to relax and be open with you guys. To be able to talk to you and get to know you on a personal (or at least semi personal) level and also have wild wonderful untamed phone sex and cum and cum and cum together, That actually makes the orgasms more intense to me. I mean think about it guys, isn’t sex just always much better when you know the person and you have some type of personal feelings for that person?

Ok, I know this post is super long. lol! One last thing before I go though. :-D I also adore the feeling of being your “fantasy girl” so to say. I love the feeling of being the perfect girlfriend in your head. The girl who’s really hot, loves to listen to you, talk to you about anything and who you NEVER have to worry about nagging you to death (I hate nagging. Ewww!) . Also the girl that loves to fuck and have a hot naughty nasty time with you. ;-) I would love to do that with more and more of you. Would you like to make me your Girlfriend? :-)


Hey guys. Josh sent the pics that he snapped of me the other day on his patio and here they are. :-) It’s 8 pics of me stripping out of my little mini skirt and tank top. Josh always gets me to be sooo naughty. LOL! Enjoy!



My Antics With Josh

Today was day two of our little mini heat wave here in Michigan so I decided that I would throw on a little tank top and short skirt and go and hang out with Josh. He and I didn’t do anything that amusing today. At least not at first. ;-) Just went for a little walk in the park, grabbed a bite to eat, and went back to his place. If you guys know anything about Josh and my relationship you will know that he’s always getting me in all kinds of trouble. LOL! Not really bad detrimental trouble but eh, naughty trouble I guess. We’re just really playful and we like to make dares with each other alot. So we get back to his place and we’re just hanging out on his patio of his apartment having a little to drink. He’s totally flirting with me and getting all touchy feely (yeah I liked it) and so he makes a dare with me to lift my tank and flash him while we were out there. So of course I went for it and I lifted my top quickly and showed my tits. I didn’t have a bra on under my tank so that made it super easy. :-) I didn’t want to keep it up for too long because Josh’s apartment complex is like right on a busy street with a shopping complex directly across and being that it’s a nice day out today there were people walking around and shopping out there. Well of course that wasn’t enough for Josh. He kept daring me to take off my top and just sit out there with him with my tits out I kept declining and he kept making the dare. He knows that he can eventually wear me down if he’s persistent with his dares. Especially after I’d already had 3 pina coladas. So I took the dare and I was so loosened up after doing that and having the pina coladas that I even took the dare to another level and stripped out of all of my clothes. Next thing you know, he has his phone and I’m out on his patio naked posing for him. I know. Wild! LOL! Josh really brings out my wild side. That’s one of the things that I really enjoy about him. It was really fun. Gave me a huge rush. Especially since we almost got caught by three of his neighbors who were walking by. When I saw them I hurried and rushed inside. Needless to say he followed me. Even more needless to say that I did not end up putting my clothes on until later. ;-) No complaints there. :-) Maybe I’ll get Josh to send me the pics and I will share with you guys. Would you like that? We’ll see. :-)


Michigan Weather

Gotta love Michigan weather. :-) The last few days have been in the lower 60′s to upper 70′s. Guess what today’s temp is? 91 degrees! LOL! Wow. Just when I thought it was time to get ready to unpack the sweaters and big comforters summer comes and sneaks back in. How cool! :-) The meteorologist did say that it would be cooling off after that so I guess the summertime just had to come in and make a few more guest appearances before the fall could take over. I guess I’ll pull out a really skimpy pair of shorts and a tiny tank top once more before I have to pack them away. Wouldn’t you just love to see me in something like that? Hmmmm…maybe if you’re good I’ll surprise you guys. :-)

Look for me on Niteflirt this evening. I know my schedule (or lack of schedule) has been a bit off for this past week since school is back in. I’ve totally missed playing so I hope to have fun with some of my favorite playmates tonight. :-)


Netflix on Sunday

Well today is Sunday. Not doing much. Just one of those humdrum type of days. It’s pretty gray and gloomy outside, which is fine because I actually like days like this. Am I weird? :-) Days like this are appealing to me because while I love hanging out on a sunny day with zero clouds in the sky, I also love curling up and taking it easy at home on a gloomy or rainy day. Plus it tends to be relaxing when it’s rainy. Gosh, I can take the most wonderful naps when it rains outside. Since I wasn’t doing anything I figured I’d go ahead and make it a Netflix day. I decided to watch a movie that I actually intended to go and see when it was out in theaters but never did. It’s called “The House At The End Of The Street”. It’s a psychological thriller (one of my favorite types of movies) and it’s actually way underrated from what I’ve seen of the reviews.

I think it’s totally underrated mainly because well….#1 I love thrillers and #2 This one totally fooled me, which thrillers usually do. The main character was a girl who moved into a new neighborhood and befriended a guy who is deemed by pretty much everyone in the neighborhood to be the town weirdo. He was the only survivor in an accident that happened to his family. It was said that his younger sister was hurt badly and was never the same after falling off of a swing and hitting her head. He secretly kept her locked up in the basement because she apparently (or did she?)turned psycho and would lash out hurting and killing anyone who she would come across if she escaped this little makeshift prison he had set up for her in the basement. This movie really put my brain to work because I actually thought that this guy was keeping his sister there and taking care of her himself but it turns out that he wasn’t. The people in the neighborhood were actually right about him being the town weirdo because his sister actually died in the swing accident years ago. The girl who he had locked in the basement was actually a girl that he kidnapped and put down there and pretended that she was his sister. His siters death haunted him all the time because he felt responsible. He felt like he should have prevented her fall because he was her big brother and should have protected her out there so he would lock a girl down there and pretend she was his sister. So the new girl in the neighborhood found this out and he tried locking her down there to become the new sister. It sounds so crazy with me telling it. I know. LOL! It will make more sense if you were to watch it yourself. If you do watch it for yourself let me know. I would love to know what you think of it. I actually thought the movie was pretty good. :-)

Well I guess that’s the end of my little movie review. I think I’ll go ahead and wrap this post up too because it’s getting late and I have to get up early. School is back in. Yay! No more sleeping in! *Major Sarcasm*


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day guys! What’s the plans and what’s on the menu? I actually did my big labor day celebrating yesterday. Some years my family will do that. My dad likes to just sit back and relax on the actual labor day. lol! I had a great time yesterday. I drove down to my parents house and we had a great time grilling out back, enjoying yummy food and great times with my family. :-) If you guys saw me with my family you would never in a million years guess what it is that I do on Niteflirt. LOL! I hide it so well. Yay me! lol! So I guess this would qualify me as living a double life? Eh…maybe. :-)

So all I am doing today is just relaxing naked around my apartment all day. My roommate moved out a couple of weeks ago so I can do that now. lol! Maybe I’ll watch a few Netflix movies or maybe a little porn. It’s one of those gloomy and rainy days today so I think it will be perfect for that. You guys can come by and join me. I’ll be signed into Niteflirt all day so come keep me company.

My lines will be set down to just $1 a minute for the rest of the day. Happy Labor Day!

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