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HOT Ass August!!

It’s Hot ass August on Niteflirt guys! This is year #3 that a bunch of the gals on Niteflirt got together and made this a little “Niteflirt Holiday” if you will. lol! Ya know? Just for fun. :-) I didn’t participate in the years prior but I said “What the hey!?!” this year and decided to have some fun too. :-)
So for this year’s Hot Ass August I put together an “asstounding” set of 10 of my hottest photo’s featuring my gorgeous sexy firm ass. If you’re an ass man you have soooo got to treat yourself to this set. Check it out:

And special shout out to my little ass slave who I always tempt and taunt through Pay To View Mail. He just loves my sweet ass. I especially thought of you when I put this one together. LOL!

WILD Night Out With The Girls! :-)

OMG! So I’m still a tad bit hungover but was my night super wild last night or what?? I went out partying with 3 of my best girlfriends and I got soooo drunk and did some stuff that’s normally wayyyy out of my element. But it was soooooo much fun. I don’t think it will be my last time either. I am learning that in life you should let the moment move you. You do only live once right? And you’re only young once. Anyhow, we went out to this really cool popular bar last night and me and my girls were hanging out, drinking, socializing and having alot of fun. While we were sitting  and having drinks at our table this really pretty blonde and her uber hot boyfriend came over and joined us and we just all hit it off really great. Both of them were really cool. The girl happened to be sitting next to me and after we all downed a few more margaritas and mai tai’s she got really wild and wanted to dance so she grabbed my hand and she says let’s dance. I was pretty drunk too at that point so I got up and I went on the dance floor with her and we started dancing together. After a few minutes our dancing session turned into a dry sex session. LOL! We were literally making out on the dance floor. There was like a crowd of people around us (especially guys) all cheering us on and then they started chanting for us to lose our tops. Yeah… guess it. We did! At first, even though I was really drunk, I wasn’t gonna do it but once she removed hers and I saw her gorgeous tits I went ahead and removed my top then the crown just started to go crazy. Next thing you know, I felt someone behind me and it’s her boyfriend and he’s grinding his super stiff bulge in his pants against my ass and she got her hand underneath my skirt touching my wetness. She then whispers into my ear and asks me if I wanted to go home with them so I did. Needless to say when I got back to their place we had the hottest time ever! She and I started our little escapade in the backseat of their SUV where we made out and she went down on me. Which she was extremely good at by the way. :-) Her boyfriend was awesome too. Very well endowed and knew just how to use that thing. We exchanged numbers and I think I will hook up with them again sometime. Wow. I’ve come so far from the innocent little Mallory who spent her Saturday nights in her room with her nose in the books with a perfect 4.0 GPA. LOL! I mean, don’t get me wrong, my GPA is still great but I am sooooo glad that I’ve gotten out and “smelled the roses”. So what do you guys think? Should I hook up with them again or what?

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