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Naughty Confessions Extended

Hey guys! I have decided to extend Naughty Confessions weekend. :-)

My Anything Goes line on Niteflirt will be priced down to just $1.39 per minute until the end of the night tonight. So bring those dirty confessions on. I am loving hearing about all of them!

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Naughty Confessions….

Naughty Confessions……everyone has one. ;-) Come on. You know you do. :-) No matter who you are there’s always that one thing that you’ve never done that you would like to. Or maybe that naughty forbidden thing that you masturbate and cum to all the time that you wouldn’t dare share with your wife or girlfriend? Or could it be something that you’ve done that no one in your circle knows about and you would like to keep it that way? We all have at least one naughty little secret and I’m no exception. I know you aren’t either. I’d love to share some of my naughty confessions with you this weekend on Niteflirt. I want you to share with me too. I promise not to tell a soul. :-) My lips are sealed. I’m so in the mood for this this weekend because in my experience these have made the hottest phone sex calls ever. It can go from you simply telling me what you naughty confession is to us enjoying a nice hot role play or maybe just masturbating like crazy while we talk about it until we have the most massive and powerful orgasms that we’ve ever had. Either way I can’t wait to hear all of your naughty confessions. Call me and confess. My rates will be lowered to only $1.39 per minute all weekend long so we can enjoy sharing our secrets as much and as long as possible. I can’t wait to hear what your secret is. Talk to you on Niteflirt. ;-)

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NEW Pic Set! Naughty On The Back Patio

In the summer time don’t we all like to relax on our back patio? I know I do. :-) Josh and I were on the back patio just relaxing and having a few drinks. Josh seems to always get me to do do things that I probably shouldn’t. LOL! Anyhow, he convinced me to give him a little show and strip out of the little bit of clothes that I was wearing out there that day. Lucky for you guys he decided to capture the moment. :-) I took the pics that he snapped of me and put them into a pic set for you guys to enjoy, I just love it when you guys stroke your cocks to my hotness. Such a turn on. ;-) I hope none of the neighbors saw me out there that day. LOL! I had so many drinks that I was so loosened up and didn’t even notice. LOL! This set has 13 pics in it and they are very hot. I’m showing off my nice sweet pussy and sun bathed tits. You can kinda tell that I was a little tipsy too. :-) Check this set out guys. Your cock will say thank you. ;-)



Hmmmm….My Twitter Feed?

Just a very short note. Not quite sure why my Twitter feed over in the sidebar has not updated since May. I’ve made numerous Tweets since then. Hmmmm. Not sure. Well anyhow, if you haven’t yet be sure to add me on Twitter. Click the link on my Twitter feed over in the sidebar. That part does still work. LOL!


Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Independence day guys! Got any plans? I’m hanging out with Josh and a few of our friends today and I am on my way to do that so this post will be short. Enjoy your day! And for all of you who I have the pleasure of talking to who are in the military or vets thanks soooo much for your service. Have fun!

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