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NEW Video!!

So if you were not one of the lucky winners of my new video it is now up and available for purchase. :-)

This video is 8 minutes and 33 seconds long and was filmed by my guy friend Josh. :-) Watch me as I strip out of my sexy little lingerie number and tease Josh while he films and then slide my glass dildo in and out of my horny little pussy until I cum. This video is certainly gonna make your cock nice and hard. It certainly made Josh’s cock hard as a brick. ;-)


Announcing the winners…Yay!

It was so much fun playing the “How Much Do You Know About Mallory?” game with you guys.  LOL! Playing that game goes to show that many of you guys really do listen to little old me. :-) Well….that and the fact that all of the answers were found here on my site in the ‘About Me’ section. LOL! the questions were really easy and all of them were listed on my site. Mostly all of them were things that many of you ask me when we’re talking too. Things like, “At what age did I lose my virginity?” , “Where am I from?”, etc. :-) Super easy. Some of you played but did not win the video but I enjoyed playing with you guys as well. And of course I couldn”t let you go empty handed. After all, you did bother to play. ;-)

Anyhow, of course there could only be 5 winners of my new video. And those winners are:

  • stexas_blowjb
  • Member31622410
  • jack4mebby25
  • endall50

Thanks so much for playing guys and I hope you’re enjoying the video. ;-)


The video will be up for sale tomorrow (Monday) so if you did not win the video you will still have a chance to buy it if you would like to see it. :-)

Hope all of you guys enjoyed your weekend! :-)


Allow Me To Make Myself CRYSTAL Clear…..

Alright guys. Hold on to your butts because this one is a bit of a rant.  Holding on to them? Ok. Let’s begin…………

I absolutely love taking calls on Niteflirt. I have met soooo many awesome guys on here but sadly I have ran into a few loser assholes too. I guess they come along with the territory. But is today loser asshole day or some crap??! SMH. It is 11:38am at this time. I got up pretty early this morning. About 6:30am. Since I wasn’t doing anything and have nowhere to go until later today I decided to sign into Niteflirt and take a few calls. Every single call that I have had from then until about 6 minutes ago which is pretty much the “straw that broke the camels back” and the main reason why I am making this rant post, has been an asshole loser. I got a call from a guy early at about 7am who was actually (and I say actually because I heard the actual sounds in the background) trying to mate with calves (baby cows). WTF??? I actually heard them mooing in the background. After sharing a few choice words with him I then hung up and blocked him and reported him to Niteflirt. I really would have loved to have reported him for animal abuse but of course I have no idea where he was. Then I get a few extremely rude idiots. One ass wipe actually had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t “obey” him and go along with his grotesque pedophile fantasy that he would report me to Niteflirt. LOL! How comical. No asshole! I will NOT sit on the phone and have a conversation with your sick weird ass about underage girls. And as an added going away gift after I have hung up on you and blocked you I will go ahead and report your ass to Niteflirt!

:-) Wheeewww. Felt great to get that off of my chest. Sometime you just have to rant a little. Of course I am still here and ready to speak to all of my fun, cool, hot, and sane guys. :-)  And hopefully this post has repelled any future idiots from contacting me. ;-)


Do you need monogamy in your relationships?

I was talking to this really great guy on Niteflirt named Jim the other day. We had a really great conversation. We were talking about monogamy and how everyone does not necessarily need it. Both of us have had relationships like this before and I think it’s totally ok. The only time I don’t think it’s ok at all is if you are doing it behind a person’s back. That can really hurt someone if they’re feeling a certain way about you and then they find out you were sneaking around on them behind their backs. I’m seeing two guys right now regularly and I like the both of them and have a great time with them. They both know about each other too. One guy that I am seeing is an older guy named Charlie. I’m sure many of you guys who have talked to me or read my blog often heard me talk about him. He’s 44 years old so he’s very understanding of my need to experience men at this time in my life. We don’t get together as often as we would like because he is constantly traveling on business but when we do it’s great. We are highly sexual together and we have loads of fun too. The other guy that I am seeing is Josh. He’s much closer to my age. He’s 24 and a real hottie. We have a great time when we’re together and very very good sex. ;-)

Monogamy is not very important to me at this point. I’m have a really really good time experiencing men and experiencing sex. I mean, remember guys. I was the sheltered girl that lost her virginity a week shy of her twentieth birthday. LOL! I want to have my cake and eat it too at this point. Nothing at all wrong with monogamy but I prefer to have my options open at this point.

Oh yes, so far I have 2 winners of the video. It has been so much fun playing this game with you guys. Remember, even if you can’t answer all 5 questions correctly that you still get a special prize for playing so don’t be afraid. ;-)

I will be putting the video up for sale sometime next week or whenever I get 3 more winners. Whatever comes first. :-)

Let’s Play A Game!!

Time for some fun! :-) Fun that is rewarded with more fun. ;-) lol!

So I have a new very hot video. Yes indeed it will make your cock harder than marble. :-D But I won’t be putting it up for sale today. :-)

Wanna know why? Well let me let you in on the reason why. :-) Well it’s because I am giving it away free instead. Free to 5 lucky, smart, and well informed guys. I decided that before I put it up for sale for you guys I would give 5 of you a chance to win it. Wanna play a game with me and win my hot new video? Well it depends on how much you know about…! :-)

When you call me on Niteflirt you’ll tell me that you want to play the game. Then I will ask you 5 random questions about me. Could be a question asking you about something that I like, maybe something that I’ve done, or maybe even something that I want to do. Who knows? ;-) Do you? :-)


                                                          ^^^Play To Win!!!^^^

I will give one second chance on each question if you get them wrong the first time. If you can answer all 5 questions correctly then you will get my new video absolutely free! 5 of you will be the lucky winners and I will list the winners (if you don’t care to be listed please let me know.) on my blog. Then once I have 5 winners I will put it up for sale so everyone can enjoy.

Everyone who participates whether you are a winner or not will get something special just for participating. So why not give it a try? It’ll be fun! Plus you still get something to enjoy even if you don’t win. :-)

I’m suuuuuper excited about this guys! We’re gonna have soooo much fun. Can’t wait to play with you. Till then!

Masturbation Month Ending/Extending

Well National Masturbation month is officially over. :-) It is now June 1st and May is no longer. But since it’s the last weekend after May ended I will be continuing celebrating Masturbation May through to the ending of the weekend. So for the rest of this weekend My prices will still be only $1.50 per minute, Pics will still be Buy one Set Get one Set Free, and Custom made mp3′s will continue to be Buy One Get one Free too. :-) I sure did have a really awesome time talking to you guys. We really made the best of National Masturbation month. :-) Let’s continue to make the best of it this last weekend!


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