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More Positive Out Of A Bad Situation! Funny!

It’s been headlining in the news since Monday how some creep out of Cleveland abducted 3 girls when they were teens and held them there for 10 years. I’m very happy for them now that they were finally able to get away from that Loser. :-) The guy who helped them who’s name is Charles Ramsey helped them get out of there and I don’t know about you guys but all of Charles’s news interviews have been a breath of fresh air for me. This guy is really funny. LOL! And kudos to him for helping those girls. Anyhow, someone has made an auto tuned song out of his news interview and it’s so funny and cool. I knew they were going to do it because they have been doing this alot when they come across really funny news interviews. Check this video out. I am sure it will give you guys a nice chuckle for the day. :-D :


May Masturbate-A-Thon With Mallory!

Happy National Masturbation month guys! One of my friends told me about this and all I could do was laugh. LOL! I had no idea that this was actually real. This is a real thing guys! Can you believe it?  Check it out HERE.

This is DEFINITELY something to celebrate as far as I’m concerned and I want to celebrate with YOU! I mean, who doesn’t love to masturbate? The only thing better than masturbating (Well other than having sex that is. LOL!) is masturbating with someone. I think that all of you guys can vouch for that. Why masturbate alone when you can masturbate with someone who’s just as hot and turned on as you are and wants to have fun and cum just as bad as you do? Most of you guys who’ve ever spoken with me can totally agree that I am not in the business of faking it. I like to get down and dirty and either finger my tight little pussy hole or rub my swollen clit. Or even better, grab one of my dildo’s and go to work on my horny little pussy while you stroke your hard cock. ;-)

For that very reason I say lets celebrate! For all of this month I’m going to have a, what I would like to call, Masturbate-A-Thon on Niteflirt. :-) I want to masturbate as much as possible and I want to do it with you guys. It’s just something so hot about masturbating my hot horny little snatch while listening to your horny naughty voices over the phone as we have hot phone sex together. Mmmmm!

So for all of May I am going to be lowering my rates down to $1.50/minute. Also, I originally said that my pictures would be Buy 2 Sets and Get 1 Free. I am going to change that to Buy 1 Set Get 1 Free. After all if we’re gonna masturbate I want you guys to have as much masturbation paraphernalia as possible. :-D. And also after every call that is at least 15 minutes long and we have both masturbated together and have had a great orgasm together, I will be sending you 3 free pics. FYI, they won’t be any that are located in any of my ready made sets. They will be ones that you have not had the pleasure of seeing yet. :-)

Can’t wait to play with you guys! Bring those hard cocks on baby!

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