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Creeeeeeeeepy Call!!!

Ok, so get ready to laugh your pants off at me. LOL! I had the creepiest call last night. The situation in which it happened was just so…….uh……I guess ‘ironic’ is the word I am searching for here. I was home alone last night and got a little bit bored so I decided that I’d watch a few Netflix movies. Normally I NEVER ever do this while I am alone and especially at night because of how much of a big wimpy baby I can be when I’m scared but I chose to watch a horror flick.  Soooo not a good idea seeing that I would not go into the woods and would even cry if my parents drove through a wooded area with me in the car with them for years after watching The Blair Witch Project when I was a kid. LOL! Anyhow I was watching this scary scary movie called “The Wrong Turn”. Talk about one creepy ass movie. Eeeeeeeeek! The movie was about these really scary, deformed, and utterly gross looking mountain men who were the result of years of inbreeding in the mountains of West Virginia who would hunt, kill, and eat people who happened to unfortunately end up on their turf. Even more scary because of the fact that I’ve driven through the Appalachians many times to visit family. LOL! Glad we didn’t make the wrong turn. lol! So I’m sitting there watching this movie and I’m already scared out of my wits and the phone rings. I’d forgotten that I was still signed in to take calls but I looked over and saw Niteflirt on my caller ID so I picked up. Still a little bit scared, I answered the phone and this guy who I’d never spoken to before answers on his end and he had the creepiest voice I’d ever heard. This guy sounded like Hannibal Lector only 5 times more creepy. Anyhow the first thing this guy says to me is “You’ve been a bad girl Mallory and now you must pay.”. I was pretty startled because I was already still creeped out by the crazy little inbred mountain men so I was at a loss for words. So he goes on to say “I must purify you by shedding your blood by peircing the skin on your tender breasts.”. So at that point I was suuuuuper freaked out and all I could do was hang up. He called right back but I didn’t answer. I went to my computer and blocked him. LOL! How crazy was that that I got a phone call like this while I was already shaking because I was watching some crazy mountain men kill people in the mountains???? OMG that totally creeped me out. I ended up calling Josh (a guy that I am now seeing) over to spend the night with me. Of course he laughed his ass off at me just like you guys are probably doing by now. I think I’m gonna give the scary movies a break for a while. :-)

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