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Day 9 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas

Today is day #9 guys. :-) On the 9th day of Christmas Mallory gives to you: 4 super hot pics of me masturbating and toying my sweet slippery little pussy with a nice big dildo…. How hot huh? You bet your buns. Make sure you unwrap your prezzie. I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday season. This is just really a cheerful time of year for me. I am soooo happy this time of year. :-) I sincerely wish that for all of you.


Mallory's 12 Days of Christmas
Oh! And special thanks to the 3 awesome guys who sent me a gift card for the holidays. I totally appreciate it! I’ll have a great time shopping with them! :-)

Day 10 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas and Countdown Explanation :-)

Happy Holidays guys! I’m in such a good mood today. The holiday really does that to me. Just a really cheerful time of year for me. :-) :-) :-)

I wanted to explain something to you guys because someone asked me today why I am counting down the 12 days of Christmas and not counting up. The carol goes: “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear Treeeeee. On the second day of Christmas…..etc….” :-) So he’s like, “Shouldn’t you be saying first the 1st day of Christmas, then the 2nd day of Christmas, etc…etc…?” Well that was actually a good question and I figured I would give an explanation because I bet alot of you were wondering that too. lol

That’s always been one of my favorite Christmas carols but it always felt to me like they should have counted it down. Because if you start 12 days away from Christmas that should be considered the 12th day then once you count down from there you will end up on Christmas which should be day 1 as in THE day. I dunno, maybe it’s just my brain only that thinks like that. LOL! But I just thought it would be alot of fun to do a countdown. So therefore I started at day 12 and we will end up on day 1 on Christmas which will be THE day. Yay! LOL! :-) Ok, I know. I’ve had way too many mocha’s. Speaking of mocha’s please stop by McDonald’s and treat yourself to one of their mocha’s. Those freakin things are like heaven in a cup! LOL! Anyhow enough of my rambling….

You guys totally have to unwrap your gift tonight because you’re gonna love it. It’s a really sexy MP3 starring me and good old St. Nick. In this MP3 he would qualify as being dirty old St Nick. LOL! Check it out guys!

Click on the gift to unwrap!

Day 11 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas

Well today is day 11. Did you unwrap your day 12 gift already. Well here’s the next one and I know you will love it. I have to admit that I agree with guys when they tell me how hot of a little tushy I have. lol! You be the judge. Here’s 5 pics of my luscious little ass and my sweet little pussy. Enjoy!

Click the gift!


Day 12 of Mallory’s 12 Days of Christmas

Today is day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas! This begins the countdown. So what is today’s gift? Well let’s see: On the 12th Day of Christmas Mallory sends to you 3 sexy pics of me dressed like a sweet little candy cane in front of the fireplace and toying my sweet little pussy with a dildo.

Click the gift to check it out. I hope you enjoy it!

12 Days of Christmas

Happy Holidays! Do you like the “12 Days of Christmas” Christmas carol? I do! :-) And do you know that today officially marks the day of being only 12 more days until Christmas? How exciting, right? :-)

I thought it would be cool to give you guys a little treat this year. This year we are going to celebrating the 12 days of Christmas and we’re gonna be doing it very sexy. ;-) Starting tomorrow 12/14/12, you guys who are already on my mailing list (If  you’re not already and want to be just let me know by messaging me) will receive something from me every single day until Christmas. It may be a set of sexy pics, an mp3, a story…..who knows? :-) But everyday will be a different surprise and no matter what it is it’s only $4 to unwrap your gift for that day. :-) I’ll also post the gift of the day here on my blog. Hopefully you guys will enjoy your daily gifts. Talk to you guys soon!

OMG! I finally did it. :-D

You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. LOL! You’re probably wondering what in the hell it is that I finally did. Well there was one particular thing if you can recall me telling you (if we ever went there) while talking. Or you may have even read me talking about it on my blog. But…..I finally fooled around with a girl. It was sooo freaking hot.

If you can recall, a few months back I posted here on my blog about a friend of mine that just moved into a new place and how she and some of our other friends hooked up there and hung out at her pool. Well there was a pretty brunette girl (although she is now blond. lol) who I spoke of who came along with one of my friends. A girl who I had never met but was attracted to and she was attracted to me. Well we hooked up together a couple of times after that. She and I hung out once and I hung out with her and her boyfriend also. :-) lol. The night that we finally decided to go ahead and do some uh….exploring, her boyfriend was there with us. Which made it pretty convenient for him to snap a few pics of us that I was dying to share with you guys. This is like a total milestone for me since I have been craving this for the longest. Now it FINALLY happened. Makes me wonder what else is in store. I’m so excited to be becoming more experienced and seasoned. LOL! Anyhow check out these pics! I hope you guys enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoyed taking them. ;-)

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