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$1 Weekend!

I am going to be only $1 per minute on Niteflirt tonight and for the rest of the weekend guys. So come on and get it while it’s hot. :-) I am looking forward to having the HOTTEST phonesex ever!

Ron Oh Ron…..:-)

So I just had some very explosive phone sex with one of my favorite guys to talk to on Niteflirt, Ron. He and I always do such hot role plays together. What makes them so hot is that we both are always so into them and so involved. So naughty how I am usually the hot girl next door who comes over to pay him a visit while his wife is away at work, out of town, etc. How we lust for each other while we are apart and fuck each others brains out when we do get together. And it all happens in his marital bed, right where his wife sleeps. Mmmmmm…makes me feel like such a naughty slutty girl. I love that feeling. My pussy just dripped during our conversation today and I rubbed my clit sooo good as I just disappeared into our fantasy. I can’t wait to have another one of our nice steamy role plays again. ;-)

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Hi guys! Presidential Elections are coming up. Are you voting? :-) I know I know. Way out of the ordinary type of post huh? lol! I know. But I have some helpful information for you guys if you need it. If you aren’t registered to vote or need to update your voter registration you can do so online by visiting  All you do is fill out your info, print the form, and mail off to your state officials. Just that simple. October 9th is the cutoff date for voter registration so you’d better hurry. :-) I am making it my business to vote because #1 I know that I cannot complain about anything if I don’t at least do my part and vote, and #2 I know there were many who fought hard so that women like myself would have the right to vote. So make sure you register and go and vote!

This message has been approved by Mallory Love. LOL! :-)


$1 Per Minute Extended

Hey guys! Of course you’ve already noticed that I am still set at just $1 per minute on Niteflirt. :-) Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be staying at that price for just a few more days. From now through the weekend I am staying at $1 per minute on Niteflirt. I will be back at my normal rate of $1.69 per minute on Monday so take advantage of the cheaper price while you can guys. How much better can it get? Phenomenal phone sex with a HOT redhead for only $1 per minute. ;-) Talk to you guys soon!

New Pic Set! Wet and Horny in the Bathtub.

There is a certain picture on my Niteflirt listing that many of you guys have been asking me about. A picture of me in a wet white t-shirt sitting in my bathtub. I admit that one is pretty uh…alluring to say the least. :-) So I took the liberty to gather up all of the pictures that I took on that particular day in the bathtub into a set for you guys. :-) This set is actually divided into 2 parts. Set #1 starts off with me in that wet t-shirt that you guys love so much ;-) . Then it ends up with me stripping out of it and showing off my hot dripping body. I am quite sure you will enjoy that. :-) Set #2 is actually a tad bit more provocative than set #1. It’s more provocative because in this one there are alot of zoomed in pics that bring you pretty up close and personal with my dripping wet pussy and ass. And of course the poses. Both of them are great but Set #2 is a little bit more uh….X Rated if you will. Which I am quite sure most of you guys don’t mind. I am sure that if you did you probably would not be on my site right now anyway huh? LOL! Right. But anywho I know you guys are gonna love these sets like crazy. Pretty much like I have been LOVING my night so far. It’s been so much fun catching up with alot of you guys. I have cum like sooooo many times. And surprisingly I still have room for more. No complaints here since I had been a bit Missing In Action for the past couple of weeks. I’ve missed you guys and all of the fun that we always have. :-*

SET #1

Buy Now

SET #2

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Anywho, let me know how you like these pics. I always enjoy knowing your feedback on stuff. To be honest it gets me pretty turned on to know that you enjoyed yourselves. That an imagining how you were stroking your cock to me. :-) What a thought!

$1 Phone Sex Weekend!

Hey guys! I know I know. I’ve totally been neglecting my blog. :-( I’d been trying to enjoy what little I had left of summer and a few other things too. ;-) Well summer is pretty much over and here we are. Back to the old hustle and bustle of going back to school and everything that comes along with that. I am back in the books to make a long story short. LOL! But well, all of this work is totally no fun at all with no play so I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for a little fun time. I’m in the mood for some really hot phone sex! I’ve decided to drop my prices down to $1 per minute this weekend on Niteflirt as a little treat for you guys since I have been so MIA for the last couple of weeks. :-) I am so ready for it all. Hot role play, Naughty fantasies, Nasty secret confessions. Bring it on! I am ready for a seriously orgasmic good time. Let’s have the hottest phone sex we’ve ever had!


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