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Spam Bots on Yahoo..WTF??

Ok. So I have been getting a crazy amount of spam bots sending add requests on yahoo. Like, come on. Seriously? LOL! It’s gotten to the point that every single time I log on to my yahoo IM I have requests from a name something like “euphrat.jkl99″ or “codyyur.d9zzs”. When I first started getting them, of course I had no idea what was going on so I would accept them. I would be thinking that it’s one of you guys and you got my ID from Niteflirt and I would have conversations with the “things” and everything. But then I noticed that something was fishy because all of them pretend that they met you off of a dating site and they try to get you to click links, which is a big no no for me. I NEVER click links or open attachments from anyone unless you and I have talked and I know you’re not a psycho who is trying to send a virus to my computer or some crap. lol! I think I reported and removed 6 “people” off of my yahoo IM this weekend alone. So whenever you guys add me on yahoo please be sure to type a little message in the comment area just to let me know you are human because I am ignoring all others. Especially if they have one of those crazy names that sounds like it belongs to a space alien or something. Type me something like “John from Niteflirt” or something.  That way you will be sure to get added and not reported to yahoo for spam and ignored by me. :-)

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