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The “Flesh Light” So Much Freakin Fun For Phone Play!

Ok so when I am on the phone with you guys 9 times out of 10 when I am like, super turned on, I will go ahead and grab one of my many toys. Whether it’s a dildo, a vibrator, a G Spot stimulator, or whatever. So I’m going for my vibrator one day to talk to this really hot guy who I talk to on Niteflirt from time to time and he tells me that he’s gonna grab his toy too. The first thing that came to mind is that maybe he was into a little anal play, which is totally fine too. But he said that he had a toy called a “Flesh Light”. He was telling me about it and how realistic it felt and all. He says that it feels and even looks just like a pussy and once you squirt some of your favorite lube in it it’s also nice and wet and slippery and tight like a pussy too. We had the best time on the phone with that thing. I laid back and spread my legs and thrust that dildo in and out of my wet pussy while I closed my eyes and imagined he was actually here in bed fucking me. And he did the same. He fucked his “Flesh Light” toy and he imagined that it was my pussy that he was sliding in and out of. It was great! We both came like crazy. It was awesome!  So I figured I would share this with you guys. These are really cool for phone play. Just imagine that. Having my sexy voice purring the naughtiest things into your ear and getting to shoot your load inside of “my” tight wet dripping cunt! Check it out guys! They say that they are offering 15% off of everything right now so that sounds like a cool deal. And I know I love a sale. LOL! Here it is:

Hey, let me know if you guys get one. I would love to help you break it in. LOL! See ya!

Older Guys…

So I was talking to a guy on Niteflirt who happens to be in his late 40′s. I just LOVE talking to this particular guy. He has such a cool and laid back personality and he and I usually end up having a really great and stimulating conversation before we actually “fuck”. Now if you know anything about me you know that in my younger years I was basically the super good girl who made straight A’s, was always in by curfew, and who did not lose her virginity until she was out on her own and almost 20 years old.  Yep! Believe it! LOL! So now, even though I LOVE sex now and everything about it I am still not as experienced as I would like. Anyway, back to the guy. Something about this guy makes my panties wringing wet! We talk very often and each and every time he is introducing me to something different.

He explained to me something that I do not know why I never thought of before. I am what you could call, a semi beginner. I’ve had some experience but not alot and of course I want more more more. :-) Older men provide that for me. You guys that are older have had years of experience and most of you have learned throughout the years what a woman wants and what her body (and even her mind) responds to. It’s true. Every Time he and I talk (And this is true for alot of other guys,mainly older, that I have talked to as well.) he is never selfish and rushing to beat off to satisfy himself only, he stimulates my mind as well as all of my lady parts ;-)  , and he is just such an excellent lover and a great fuck. I always cum like crazy when we talk. I mean, seriously. I am squirting waterfalls when I cum with him. And he always shares experiences that he’s had with me. Gives me ideas of things that I may want to do as I have soooo many fantasies that I want to fulfill.

So that’s my thing with older guys. I just crave that experience that you guys have. And also that patience. There is nothing I hate worse on the phone than a rude pushy guy who only cares about getting his rocks off. Quickies are one thing but rudeness is another. Not saying that there aren’t some younger guys who I enjoy in that way as well but it just seems to be the older ones that I have the most mind blowing experiences with. The experiences that makes me so wet. Just like I am starting to get right now…

I’m Here!!!

Well this is my first blog entry on my new site. I am super excited! I hope you guys like it and I hope you enjoy your time here with me.  The site is still a work in progress guys so hang in there with me. I will be adding new stuff often. If this is your first time finding me and/or wanting to talk to me you can do so and get 3 free minutes on our first call in the process if you are not yet registered on Niteflirt. So if this applies to you, go over to the pic over in the right hand corner and click away to get registered and talk to me for 3 FREE minutes. :-) I promise we’ll have fun.

So how do you like the whole layout? I love lots of colors so I think it suits me pretty well. Special thank you to Hunnylicious Designs for putting this all together for me. :-) It’s pretty easy to navigate. All you guys have to do is go to the top menu and choose what you want. Wanna know more about me? Click on the “About” section. Wanna do something nice for me? Click on the “Spoil Me” section. And so on and so forth. I’m sure you guys get it. lol! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know what you guys think!


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