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Snowed In!!!

Guys I am snowed in! Literally! We have been hit with at least 12 inches of snow here in Michigan and I am stuck. My car is pretty much buried in it until Josh is able to come over and dig me out. I had to call off of work last night (Something I never do) because not only was my car buried in snow and ice but my battery died. :-( Oh well. But on a good note  I have been having a very good time between taking some very hot phone sex calls on Niteflirt and listening to some of my favorite Christmas songs. What are some of your favorites? Here are a few of mine….

My VERY fav….

Another one of my very favs. I don’t think she’s as well known as Mariah but she’s AWESOME! Not to mention super gorgeous:

And the CUTEST Christmas song on earth:

Do you guys like these?

I know I have really been enjoying sending you guys holiday gifts after our calls of 10 minutes or more. Always lots of fun to surprise you with something that you have no idea of what it may be until you click open that gift. ;-)

I hope to enjoy my snow day with you on Niteflirt!

Call Button

Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!. I know it’s the day after but I was not on Niteflirt much last night because I was out having Halloween fun with my friends. Just wait till you see my costume. It was soooo over the top. LOL !I mean it looked perfectly normal until I showed the full costume when I lifted my skirt. LOL! I was a tranny cheerleader. Yes I was in “full uniform” underneath my skirt. LOL!! Check it out. and sorry for the fuzzy quality. My friend’s camera phone sucks apparently.


LOL! Everyone died laughing when I lifted my skirt last night. It was hilarious. I had a blast. LOL!


So today is also my anniversary on Niteflirt. Yay!! See?

:-) So according to the date I have been on Niteflirt for 5 years today. Although I hadn’t really been active in taking calls for 5 years. More like 3 being on there regularly taking calls. I’ve really enjoyed it and I just may do another round on there too. Hmmm…would you guys like for me to stick around? ;-)

So anyhow, all of today, since it’s my anniversary I will be giving a sexy photo set (never before seen by you) for all calls 10 minutes and over and for all calls 20 minutes and over you guys will be getting the pic set and 3 free minutes toward your next call. :-) :-) :-) So I will be looking forward to speaking to you guys to celebrate my anniversary.

Oh yeah, let’s have a bit more fun for today only. How about a free 4 minute and under sexy mp3 clip for all of you who will share a pic of their Halloween costume with me? Just send them to me on Niteflirt or to my email ;-)

Talk to you guys soon!

Give me your spookiest impression!

Happy Halloween month guys! Let’s do something really fun. I love love love to know that you guys visit my blog and that you enjoy reading so let’s have some spooky fun. I’m only gonna mention this here on my blog so you’ll only know about it if you read. And if you are reading this now then congratulations because you’re in the know. Yayyy!  ;-) From now until October 31st at 11:59pm whoever calls me and gives me their best spookiest ghost or zombie impression will get 3 free minutes toward their next call and a hot picture set. LOL! How cool is that? I can’t wait to hear all of the impressions. I just love having fun and enjoying a good phone fuck all wrapped into one.  Now this does not apply if you are a rude wanker. So don’t call and try to whack off in 2 minutes, do a quick impression and hang up because you’ll be quite disappointed as I was. But all of my other hot sexy guys who love to have a fun and mutually nasty time, let’s do it! Can’t wait to hear those impressions! Talk soon guys!


Feeling Better!

I’m feeling much better since the scooter accident. My bruises are healing and the aches and pains have disappeared. I’m feeling great! I had a cold a couple of days ago but I think that may have just been a 24 hour bug or something because I felt horrible for a day then snapped right out of it by the next day. It’s been pretty cold and gray outside. I guess that’s the norm this time of year though. Honestly I kind of like these days. Me, the cat, Netflix, and Niteflirt. ;-) Since it’s October and Halloween is coming I’ve been in the mood to watch some horror flicks. I’ve been checking out the Saw movies. I’m on Saw IV (4) so far. Jeez that Jigsaw is one scary guy. Eeek! I’d hate to get on that dude’s bad side. You’ll wake up in one of his torture chambers having to play one of his crazy games in order to get out of there. From the looks of it, that does not happen too often. LOL! Anyhow, give me a call on Niteflirt guys. I’ll be on until pretty late tonight since I’ll be in for the day. How great! Some hot nasty phone sex in the midst of watching blood and guts on Netflix. LOL! Talk to you guys soon!


So Funny! POTUS

OMG! Guys I almost cracked my side laughing at this. I just had to share. This guy does the best impression of President Obama that I’ve ever seen. LOL!


My Confession…

Ok so since we are enjoying confessions week I think I should make my own little confession here. I’ve been enjoying you guys hot confessions and I have been enjoying telling you mine. There was something I did a few years ago that was really wild and crazy. In fact I think I only shared this with one of you guys so far because I’d honestly forgotten about this. I think it was the summer of 2012 or 2011 (I don’t really remember) I visited LA with some of my friends. So we had been drinking and partying and having a really good time and we were actually playing a game of truth or dare. :-) So I got dared to show my boobs in public. Well I took that dare to another level. Not only did I show my boobs in public but I actually showed even more of that. Blame it on the alcohol guys. LOL! I of course made sure there were no kids or anything that could have seen me but I literally bared it all. There were a few guys who saw me and they were very happy to see me to say the least. lol! It was really wild and crazy and I think that incident is more than worthy of a confession. So the friend who dared me to do this actually snapped a few pics of me doing this so I decided to share these with you guys since it is confessions week and all. So you guys prepare to laugh and be turned on at the same time, ok?




You make it worthwhile…

It is so awesome when you truly enjoy what it is that you do. I’m reminded of that whenever I talk to certain guys on Niteflirt. I mean, some of you guys are just a joy to talk to. Some of you…not so much. LOL! Lucky for me I seem to get more of the guys who I really do enjoy. But I am sooo over the ones who I don’t. You know the ones who are rude and demanding. I mean like they really think they are Pharoah or some crap. Yelling a demand at me so they can hurry and get off before their one minute remaining is up. I mean, how rude??? LOL! Most often I hang up on those guys and block. I never want to end up tired of being on Niteflirt because I have to deal with rude idiots. One reason why I hated working at Starbucks. Ugh!!

But I just love guys who I really do vibe with on the phone. Guys who can hold an intelligent conversation as well as rock my world. And guys who like to make sure I get off too. I mean, that is something I like to do on my calls too. ;-)

I was watching tv the other night and I just about cracked my side laughing when a part of a movie I was watching came on and it showed a really overweight woman wearing a ratty bath robe filing her nails and moaning really sexy into the phone. LOL!! I guess that’s the basic phone sex operator stereotype. That’s just the kind of girl I’m not. Back when I first started taking phone sex calls on Niteflirt I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be that. The girl who’s probably at home polishing her silverware wearing an apron and rubber gloves and lying telling you that I am wearing a silk teddy with 5 inch stilettos ramming a dildo in and out of my warm waiting cunt. LOL! Isn’t that the things they say though?? I don’t know how some of you guys don’t laugh.

I love you guys who appreciate that about me. The fact that I like to genuinely enjoy myself with you. That I like to treat you like you are more than just a number to me and you return that favor to me. I love talking to you and getting to know you and what you like and just letting the most electrifying orgasm happen naturally between us two.


More Positive Out Of A Bad Situation! Funny!

It’s been headlining in the news since Monday how some creep out of Cleveland abducted 3 girls when they were teens and held them there for 10 years. I’m very happy for them now that they were finally able to get away from that Loser. :-) The guy who helped them who’s name is Charles Ramsey helped them get out of there and I don’t know about you guys but all of Charles’s news interviews have been a breath of fresh air for me. This guy is really funny. LOL! And kudos to him for helping those girls. Anyhow, someone has made an auto tuned song out of his news interview and it’s so funny and cool. I knew they were going to do it because they have been doing this alot when they come across really funny news interviews. Check this video out. I am sure it will give you guys a nice chuckle for the day. :-D :


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