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Give me your spookiest impression!

Happy Halloween month guys! Let’s do something really fun. I love love love to know that you guys visit my blog and that you enjoy reading so let’s have some spooky fun. I’m only gonna mention this here on my blog so you’ll only know about it if you read. And if you are reading this now then congratulations because you’re in the know. Yayyy!  ;-) From now until October 31st at 11:59pm whoever calls me and gives me their best spookiest ghost or zombie impression will get 3 free minutes toward their next call and a hot picture set. LOL! How cool is that? I can’t wait to hear all of the impressions. I just love having fun and enjoying a good phone fuck all wrapped into one.  Now this does not apply if you are a rude wanker. So don’t call and try to whack off in 2 minutes, do a quick impression and hang up because you’ll be quite disappointed as I was. But all of my other hot sexy guys who love to have a fun and mutually nasty time, let’s do it! Can’t wait to hear those impressions! Talk soon guys!


You make it worthwhile…

It is so awesome when you truly enjoy what it is that you do. I’m reminded of that whenever I talk to certain guys on Niteflirt. I mean, some of you guys are just a joy to talk to. Some of you…not so much. LOL! Lucky for me I seem to get more of the guys who I really do enjoy. But I am sooo over the ones who I don’t. You know the ones who are rude and demanding. I mean like they really think they are Pharoah or some crap. Yelling a demand at me so they can hurry and get off before their one minute remaining is up. I mean, how rude??? LOL! Most often I hang up on those guys and block. I never want to end up tired of being on Niteflirt because I have to deal with rude idiots. One reason why I hated working at Starbucks. Ugh!!

But I just love guys who I really do vibe with on the phone. Guys who can hold an intelligent conversation as well as rock my world. And guys who like to make sure I get off too. I mean, that is something I like to do on my calls too. ;-)

I was watching tv the other night and I just about cracked my side laughing when a part of a movie I was watching came on and it showed a really overweight woman wearing a ratty bath robe filing her nails and moaning really sexy into the phone. LOL!! I guess that’s the basic phone sex operator stereotype. That’s just the kind of girl I’m not. Back when I first started taking phone sex calls on Niteflirt I promised myself that I wasn’t going to be that. The girl who’s probably at home polishing her silverware wearing an apron and rubber gloves and lying telling you that I am wearing a silk teddy with 5 inch stilettos ramming a dildo in and out of my warm waiting cunt. LOL! Isn’t that the things they say though?? I don’t know how some of you guys don’t laugh.

I love you guys who appreciate that about me. The fact that I like to genuinely enjoy myself with you. That I like to treat you like you are more than just a number to me and you return that favor to me. I love talking to you and getting to know you and what you like and just letting the most electrifying orgasm happen naturally between us two.


Allow Me To Make Myself CRYSTAL Clear…..

Alright guys. Hold on to your butts because this one is a bit of a rant.  Holding on to them? Ok. Let’s begin…………

I absolutely love taking calls on Niteflirt. I have met soooo many awesome guys on here but sadly I have ran into a few loser assholes too. I guess they come along with the territory. But is today loser asshole day or some crap??! SMH. It is 11:38am at this time. I got up pretty early this morning. About 6:30am. Since I wasn’t doing anything and have nowhere to go until later today I decided to sign into Niteflirt and take a few calls. Every single call that I have had from then until about 6 minutes ago which is pretty much the “straw that broke the camels back” and the main reason why I am making this rant post, has been an asshole loser. I got a call from a guy early at about 7am who was actually (and I say actually because I heard the actual sounds in the background) trying to mate with calves (baby cows). WTF??? I actually heard them mooing in the background. After sharing a few choice words with him I then hung up and blocked him and reported him to Niteflirt. I really would have loved to have reported him for animal abuse but of course I have no idea where he was. Then I get a few extremely rude idiots. One ass wipe actually had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t “obey” him and go along with his grotesque pedophile fantasy that he would report me to Niteflirt. LOL! How comical. No asshole! I will NOT sit on the phone and have a conversation with your sick weird ass about underage girls. And as an added going away gift after I have hung up on you and blocked you I will go ahead and report your ass to Niteflirt!

:-) Wheeewww. Felt great to get that off of my chest. Sometime you just have to rant a little. Of course I am still here and ready to speak to all of my fun, cool, hot, and sane guys. :-)  And hopefully this post has repelled any future idiots from contacting me. ;-)


Creeeeeeeeepy Call!!!

Ok, so get ready to laugh your pants off at me. LOL! I had the creepiest call last night. The situation in which it happened was just so…….uh……I guess ‘ironic’ is the word I am searching for here. I was home alone last night and got a little bit bored so I decided that I’d watch a few Netflix movies. Normally I NEVER ever do this while I am alone and especially at night because of how much of a big wimpy baby I can be when I’m scared but I chose to watch a horror flick.  Soooo not a good idea seeing that I would not go into the woods and would even cry if my parents drove through a wooded area with me in the car with them for years after watching The Blair Witch Project when I was a kid. LOL! Anyhow I was watching this scary scary movie called “The Wrong Turn”. Talk about one creepy ass movie. Eeeeeeeeek! The movie was about these really scary, deformed, and utterly gross looking mountain men who were the result of years of inbreeding in the mountains of West Virginia who would hunt, kill, and eat people who happened to unfortunately end up on their turf. Even more scary because of the fact that I’ve driven through the Appalachians many times to visit family. LOL! Glad we didn’t make the wrong turn. lol! So I’m sitting there watching this movie and I’m already scared out of my wits and the phone rings. I’d forgotten that I was still signed in to take calls but I looked over and saw Niteflirt on my caller ID so I picked up. Still a little bit scared, I answered the phone and this guy who I’d never spoken to before answers on his end and he had the creepiest voice I’d ever heard. This guy sounded like Hannibal Lector only 5 times more creepy. Anyhow the first thing this guy says to me is “You’ve been a bad girl Mallory and now you must pay.”. I was pretty startled because I was already still creeped out by the crazy little inbred mountain men so I was at a loss for words. So he goes on to say “I must purify you by shedding your blood by peircing the skin on your tender breasts.”. So at that point I was suuuuuper freaked out and all I could do was hang up. He called right back but I didn’t answer. I went to my computer and blocked him. LOL! How crazy was that that I got a phone call like this while I was already shaking because I was watching some crazy mountain men kill people in the mountains???? OMG that totally creeped me out. I ended up calling Josh (a guy that I am now seeing) over to spend the night with me. Of course he laughed his ass off at me just like you guys are probably doing by now. I think I’m gonna give the scary movies a break for a while. :-)

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