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Last Night’s Hangout!!

Just a quick post to say thanks to the guys who joined me for the end of National Masturbation Month Yahoo Hangout. :-) :-) I had a great time. Maybe we’ll do that again sometime. :-) I am going to be sending gifts to those of you who I had the pleasure of speaking to during our hangout last night via Niteflirt. Thanks guys! I’ll be on Niteflirt for the full day today also so what the hell…lets have some hot nasty ass phone sex to follow up our night. LOL!

Last Day Of Masturbation May Yahoo IM Hangout???

So 100% of you guys who voted voted yes on having a Yahoo IM Hangout tonight. :-) Here’s the results:

So we will be having the hangout tonight and I can’t wait to see you guys there! The hangout information for tonight is as follows:

See you guys tonight! You can click my little Yahoo IM emblem over in the right column to message me and/or add me on Yahoo Instant Messenger. Every guy who hangs out with me tonight will receive a special gift on Niteflirt:-) Talk to you guys soon!

End Of Masturbation May Yahoo Hangout???

A couple of years ago I had a fun little hangout via Yahoo Instant Messenger with you guys and it turned out really cool. Quite a few of you showed up and we had a great time. The point of me doing it was just to give back a little to you guys. You guys had been so good to me with giving great conversation and of course hot wild phone sex on Niteflirt that I really wanted to do that. Masturbation May has been super awesome with you guys as well so I want to do the same thing.  I have seriously had a blast with you naughty boys! ;-)

The thing is that at the end of May we have the Memorial Day weekend and I know you guys are gonna be spending time with family and such so to be sure that this would be something that you guys really want I figured we’d do something fun. We’ll vote on it! :-) :-) :-) If you guys want to have the hangout we will do it most likely on the last day of May which will be Tuesday. I’ll be available on Yahoo and just like last time we can chit chat about anything, share pics, whatever you guys wanna do. And of course if things heat up and you wanna give me a call on Niteflirt we can do that too. ;-) It won’t be like a chat room or anything so no other guys will see you or chat with you…It’ll just be me and we’ll chat, share, or whatever back and forth. This will be pretty cool because I normally do not do this on Yahoo Instant Messenger at all.  Normally I use it to set up calls and such but we can go all out during hangouts. :-)

Anyhow, cast your vote below guys and let’s see if we’ll enjoy some hangout time!




The Great Shout out Purge!!!

Masturbation May has been great so far! I am waaaay backed up on shout outs to my masturbation partner’s of the day so I do certainly want to put that out there. I’ve been cumming like crazy and I have even met some brand new guys who read my blog and wanted to know what Masturbation May was all about. Needless to say they enjoyed it and so did I. ;-) So without further ado here are my masturbation partner’s of the day listed by date:

  • 5/5: xy1234- I love delving into my dominant side and you are the perfect little slut for me and Brad to play with.
  • 5/6:  Novaron- What can I say? I ALWAYS look forward to hopping into your marital bed. ;-)
  • 5/7:  MyDickNHer- You can always charm me right out of my panties baby. ;-)
  • 5/8: ToppaU531- I always melt with you. I love the way you sensually control my body!
  • 5/9:  Juicylovaz69- Thanks for the best pussy licking session ever!
  • 5/10: ToppaU531- Brad I can’t get enough of you. You deserve masturbation partner of the day once again.
  • 5/11:  STexas_blowjb- Had a great time sucking you off in your hot rod. ;-)
  • 5/12:  Member0231207- Ok so you and I didn’t masurbate but we had an awesome conversation. Great meeting you today Steven and I wanna talk to you again soon! *Kisses*
  • 5/13: Novaron- I just had to pick you again Ron! I love being in your marital bed and even occasionally bringing a guest. ;-)
  • 5/14: Slpnsldz_j5- It was so great meeting you and cumming all over your big cock too. ;-)
  • 5/19: jkh1960- Ohhhh Jim! You always lick my pussy and fuck the shit out of me! :-) :-) :-)
  • 5/20: wheelman- You took my breath away for Masturbation May! :-)
  • 5/21: Member7990728- What a super hot role play! Especially when you fucked me in Victoria’s Secret’s dressing room!


So these are my masturbating partner’s of the day so far. Keep it cumming though guys! We’ve got a week or so left to go! Can’t wait to cum nice and hard with each and every one of you! Happy Masturbation May!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day guys! Grab your green beer and come and have some fun with me today on Niteflirt. ;-) I am only $1.50 per minute today so let’s party! Talk to you soon!


Ok Ok

Well I had one of you guys call me out on the fact that I have not posted here on my blog since Christmas. LOL! Well I am sorry guys and here I am. I have been uber busy lately. For those of you who I have not told I actually have a new part time job. I really do like it and I am gaining so much beneficial time and experience toward my nursing career. I am doing home health visits.  So super awesome it is doing this. I am constantly on the move going to help different patients and it really is rewarding. Today, however, I am snowed in.  How great right? LOL! One thing about Michigan is that the weather is really weird. We got a big winter storm but the day before you could have sworn it was late April. I’m thankful that I didn’t get sick though. Normally when the weather changes suddenly like that I am damn near coughing up a lung. I’m gonna be home taking calls on niteflirt all weekend long with great availability. I’ll probably be gone to the library tomorrow for a few hours but other than that I am gonna be right on Niteflirt ready to talk to you naughty boys. ;-) I hear that you guys are missing me. That’s what alot of you have said with me being offline for a while. But I am here and ready to play. Have you had a long week? Need to blow off some steam? Give me a call. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys! XOXO

Also don’t forget that if I am not available that you guys can click the appointment button over in the right sidebar at any time to schedule an appointment. :-) K, talk soon!


Call Button

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy day after Thanksgiving guys! I hope you guys had a great day yesterday. I sure did! I spent the whole day with my family and ate sooo good. Mmmmm! Yummy turkey that just melted in your mouth, buttery mashed potatoes, and my mom’s famous delicious pumpkin pie. Ahhhhh…..I just had a fat girl moment there. LOL!!

What are you guys thankful for? I know I am thankful for every last one of you! :-) :-) :-) I’m also horny as hell. LOL! So let’s have ourselves a little Thanksgiving “after party” on Niteflirt. Talk to you guys soon!

Oh yeah, and confessions week is still on so bring me those naughty confessions or just that horny cock. ;-) Talk soon!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween!. I know it’s the day after but I was not on Niteflirt much last night because I was out having Halloween fun with my friends. Just wait till you see my costume. It was soooo over the top. LOL !I mean it looked perfectly normal until I showed the full costume when I lifted my skirt. LOL! I was a tranny cheerleader. Yes I was in “full uniform” underneath my skirt. LOL!! Check it out. and sorry for the fuzzy quality. My friend’s camera phone sucks apparently.


LOL! Everyone died laughing when I lifted my skirt last night. It was hilarious. I had a blast. LOL!


So today is also my anniversary on Niteflirt. Yay!! See?

:-) So according to the date I have been on Niteflirt for 5 years today. Although I hadn’t really been active in taking calls for 5 years. More like 3 being on there regularly taking calls. I’ve really enjoyed it and I just may do another round on there too. Hmmm…would you guys like for me to stick around? ;-)

So anyhow, all of today, since it’s my anniversary I will be giving a sexy photo set (never before seen by you) for all calls 10 minutes and over and for all calls 20 minutes and over you guys will be getting the pic set and 3 free minutes toward your next call. :-) :-) :-) So I will be looking forward to speaking to you guys to celebrate my anniversary.

Oh yeah, let’s have a bit more fun for today only. How about a free 4 minute and under sexy mp3 clip for all of you who will share a pic of their Halloween costume with me? Just send them to me on Niteflirt or to my email ;-)

Talk to you guys soon!

Give me your spookiest impression!

Happy Halloween month guys! Let’s do something really fun. I love love love to know that you guys visit my blog and that you enjoy reading so let’s have some spooky fun. I’m only gonna mention this here on my blog so you’ll only know about it if you read. And if you are reading this now then congratulations because you’re in the know. Yayyy!  ;-) From now until October 31st at 11:59pm whoever calls me and gives me their best spookiest ghost or zombie impression will get 3 free minutes toward their next call and a hot picture set. LOL! How cool is that? I can’t wait to hear all of the impressions. I just love having fun and enjoying a good phone fuck all wrapped into one.  Now this does not apply if you are a rude wanker. So don’t call and try to whack off in 2 minutes, do a quick impression and hang up because you’ll be quite disappointed as I was. But all of my other hot sexy guys who love to have a fun and mutually nasty time, let’s do it! Can’t wait to hear those impressions! Talk soon guys!


Feeling Better!

I’m feeling much better since the scooter accident. My bruises are healing and the aches and pains have disappeared. I’m feeling great! I had a cold a couple of days ago but I think that may have just been a 24 hour bug or something because I felt horrible for a day then snapped right out of it by the next day. It’s been pretty cold and gray outside. I guess that’s the norm this time of year though. Honestly I kind of like these days. Me, the cat, Netflix, and Niteflirt. ;-) Since it’s October and Halloween is coming I’ve been in the mood to watch some horror flicks. I’ve been checking out the Saw movies. I’m on Saw IV (4) so far. Jeez that Jigsaw is one scary guy. Eeek! I’d hate to get on that dude’s bad side. You’ll wake up in one of his torture chambers having to play one of his crazy games in order to get out of there. From the looks of it, that does not happen too often. LOL! Anyhow, give me a call on Niteflirt guys. I’ll be on until pretty late tonight since I’ll be in for the day. How great! Some hot nasty phone sex in the midst of watching blood and guts on Netflix. LOL! Talk to you guys soon!


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